Sessler's Soapbox: Does ODST Have the Halo Effect?

G4TV writes:

"I know you're all busy playing Firefight right now, but it's that time of week to sit down and take a minute to listen to the pearls of wisdom spit by The Sess. Adam sits down to discuss Halo 3: ODST and its strangely muted presence in this year's list of big game releases. Does ODST not need a bit marketing push because it's a part of the Halo franchise that always sells well? Or is there another reason?"

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Pandamobile3135d ago

If by "Halo Effect" he means "sh1t", then yes.

gamesR4fun3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

The halo effect as Ive come to know it applies to the free pass it gets. The fact that hype is worth more in the US than substance. Something that points to the very flaw in the system.

IMO you cant expect a unbiased review from anyone dependent on those their reviewing. Any more than you can expect FOX news from saying anything impartial that doesn't reflect the views of their owner and financial backers. Or a politician funded by private interest not to act in its favor. So the halo effect to me is the way an announced dlc for a 3 year old game could b spun into a full AAA game and have the full support of the gaming press. Besides is anyone saying Halo3 ODST is really going to impact the sales of Halo reach? (or vice versa who pays 60 bones for a beta)

dreamcast3135d ago

Yeah, I agree. Honestly I have no f*cking clue what Sessler was trying to articulate. First he was talking about not having high expectations, then something about not disliking a game just because lots of people like it, then something about not wanting to give your teenage son a razor???

I think they demonstrated what I think "The Halo Effect" is by giving ODST a 5/5, but I don't really care anymore. I just hope other publishers aren't getting any ideas.

WLPowell3128d ago

as in the affect of giving undeserved praise after getting a "thank you" *cough* bribe *cough* "gift" of a duffle-bag full of Halo 3 edition xboxes, plus Halo 3 controllers, Halo 3 headsets, Halo 3 toys, and other goodies and the Halo 3 legendary edition for free (a "gift" almost totalling 1000 dollars... compliments of MS, of course) right before showering Halo 3 and it's overpriced expansion pack high scores? Are we talking about THAT affect Mr. Sessler? (Halo 3 and ODST are good, they just aren't 9's and 10's) It's whatever though, most of you "journalists" have little to no respect or integrity compared to other critics anyway. Enjoy whoring yourselves out.