Playstation Home Updates

Locust_Star(PlayStation Home Online Community Specialist) Writes :

Aspiring rock stars can breathe a sigh of relief – SingStar is finally coming to PlayStation Home this Thursday, September 24. And to top it off, we're kicking off the launch with an extra special event...

..Far Cry 2 fans will be excited to learn that the FC2 game space is being updated with a new mini-game...

...Last but certainly not least, we'll be releasing a handful of new items for your avatar..

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ThatCanadianGuy3220d ago

Cool i'll check it out tomorrow.

What ever happened to update 1.3 tho? I want my shrinking potion dammit :/

whothedog3220d ago

It's supposed to be in Sept still I believe.

rbluetank3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

i can not wait to check this out! i am glad sony is adding a dance floor to support all those dance moves. lol i hope they can add in the moonwalk and it will be a wrap for me!! i would moon walk all over the dance floor if this is add into the singstar dance floor. lmao on that visually!!