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AATG writes:

"In years gone by, Electronic Arts (EA) earned itself shall we say, a bit of a reputation for being a misanthropic cash-in bastard monolith that would milk its franchises dry with nary a consideration for the hard-up gamers that kept the company afloat. With its continuous cycle of incremental sports updates and its seeming inability to take a punt on new intellectual properties - focusing instead on sequels and copycats - for a while at least, it was considered to be the big bad omnipotent overseer.

And this reputation was further enhanced when EA started snapping up renowned developers left right and centre only for them to soon disappear off the face of the Earth never to be seen or heard from again. Bought only it would seem, as a tactical manoeuvre aimed at thwarting the competition."

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HairyArse3042d ago

Well I wouldn't go that far but it is worrying times.