SFX-360: Scrap Metal Preview

SFX-360 writes: "The top-down racer is making a comeback! What was popular in the 1980's in the video arcades has now made a jump to home consoles. Gone are the days of games like Super Sprint, Championship Sprint, and even R.C. Pro-Am. Now we have Scrap Metal which takes the genre in a whole new direction featuring real world physics as well as a new dimension of gameplay.

Scrap Metal, from developer Slick Entertainment, is more than just your typical racing game. It has multiple game modes including a Destruction Derby, Rampage Mode, V.I.P., and Target Takedown. Not only can you race, but you can also ram other cars off the track, wreck 'em, and shoot 'em with machine guns. You can even play a mode where you avoid the police in a GTA style event. Do I have your attention so far? Good. Now let's move on..."

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