Kombo: Wet Review

Kombo writes: "WET is a grindhouse style video game. You play as Rubi, an gun for hire that will do anything for the right price. Voiced by Eliza Dushku, the main character jets around the globe in a Quentin Tarantino, Kill Bill fashion as she exacts revenge on someone that set her up. Bizarre characters, over-the-top action and plenty of gun play set the order of the day.

What's Hot
The style of the game is very unique. From the beginning, you'll notice that the developers at A2M applied a film grain filter to mimic the effect of poor quality, just like the movies it is trying to emulate. The style is dyed in the wool with cheesey (in a good way) commercials that break up the action and wacky characters that are undoubtedly bizarre. The way the characters are portrayed in the game lend well to the narrative full of bullets, blood and betrayal. Rubi is a likable character..."

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gamesR4fun3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

rent it i did and if u think its worth anywheres near 60 bucks go ahead and buy it tho u wont...

bad graphics gameplay and story all in one super short overpriced package.

1/5 and the only point it got was form the one one liners rubi spits out when you kill guys a couple of funny ones tho you'll get sic of hearing them b4 your first playthru
also the final boss battle is qte and a super easy one at that. I finished it once and brought it bk early jus no way that i could play anymore. No online and the challenges are the same ones they force u to do whenever you get a new gun.
Shame on the devs fro releasing this pos and the reviewer needs to get a clue you cant just print what they tell u too no matter how well they pay without loosing all credibility.