Lens of Truth: Need for Speed SHIFT Comparison (720p)

Lens of Truth writes, "This week we sit down with the recently released Need for Speed SHIFT for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Need for Speed SHIFT ushers in another franchise reboot, similar to how the Underground redefined the original Need for Speed formula. This time around EA has gone light on the arcade feel and taken more of a simulation approach. So which version of Need for Speed SHIFT, shifts its way to victory lane? Keep on reading to find out."

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shopsmartash3220d ago

it was somehow better looking? I don't think so

EDIT: Besides, as long as they play the same who cares

Soul Train3220d ago

Do you have eyeballs? If so use them. The winner is obvious.

I did not murder him3220d ago

Not surprising the graphical powerhouses multi plats are superior on the 360 regardless of the lead platform.

HolyOrangeCows3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

....Gametrailers beat you to the punch.

EDIT: LOL @ you fanboys. There's hardy a difference. You couldn't tell the difference without the logos in the corners.

Maddens Raiders3220d ago

is a clear cut winner here. This game looks like hell no matter what it's on. Yuck.

Ju3220d ago

Oh, come on. Give them some credits. The game is just fine. Gameplay is alright. I can live with that, that the 360 wins this. Not much of a difference anyway, though. Have it since a week and don't regret it.

Information Minister3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

According to this, the 360 handles antialiasing better and the PS3 handles HDR lighting better. The game plays the same and is equally good on both platforms. But it is interesting to see a multi-platform game taking advantage of each architecture's particular strong points.

@ 1.3 - If we wanted an Xbox fanboy's opinion, you would be at the top of our list.

YoungKiller253220d ago

you guys are on crack look at the bmw picture and tell me the X360 version doesnt look better but then again the ps3 loads faster so its whatever
and i dont really care about screen tearing i have no clue what it is and i never notice it.

also it doesnt matter who wins because PS3 owners will have GT5 whos release date we'll find out later today and 360 guys have forza 3

so i dont know why you guys care about NFS:S

Also i think Unrivaled 2: Among Itself wins again :)
only on and only possible on PS3
it only does everything*

*(except multiplats and cross-game Chat)

Christopher3220d ago

Not for graphics, no way. Those screenshots alone show how much sharper the 360 is. I'm sure it's not as obvious when playing due to motion blur, but it's still there. AA on the PS3 looks like crap.

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evildeli3220d ago

Good looking game overall.

ArthurLee3220d ago

I agree but the PS3 gets killed in the rollovers.

vhero3220d ago

Anybody else sick of these LOT articles they pick the tiniest of details and rate it like its a big deal. They both look so damn similar you cant tell a difference unless you look so closely your eyes hurt

josuttis3220d ago

"Good looking game overall."

Your typical mediocre multiplatform game.

Amazing how much better the PS3 version looks, though. It's no wonder though since the 360 is such a hard platform to developer for that the PS3 version of multiplaform games always looks the best.

Not that it really matters since PS3 exclusives are effectively an entire generation beyond multiplatform games like this with games like GT5 running at double the resolution and graphics that destroy games like this one.

Anon19743220d ago

I've seen other comparisons that LOT does where a slightly faster load time trumps graphical differences and for whatever reason it didn't happen that way this time.

Also, for me personally the smooth, slightly blurred edge to the PS3 version seems more realistic to me while the 360 version practically screams "I'm a videogame!" Sam Houser of Rockstar made the same comment before, that he liked the way the PS3 handles jaggies better.

At any rate, it's just opinion. Some might like their cars to pop out of the screen, others might like everything to blend together and look more realistic - it's all up to you.

Ju3220d ago

"they pick the tiniest of details and rate it ".

They don't. We do. The fanboys nitpick any little detail. Especially in here. They just post the pictures or videos. We make out of it what it is. Stop complaining. Don't watch it if you are not interested.

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Dutch Boogie3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

Meh after the constant onslaught (graphically) from ps3 exclusives, multiplatform games as of right now are irrelevant. Only the deluded/uninformed still judge a consoles graphics performance via multiplats.

evildeli3220d ago

I'm starting to agree with you there

N4G king3220d ago

i've just remembered the last gen

multiplats looked better on the first XBOX
and the PS2 was harder to develop for

time repeat it self again

Shogun Master3220d ago

that is a great point that I forgot about.

N4PS3G3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

Easy thereeeee Champ!! You don't wanna fall to the floor with all that SPINNING! lol hahahaha

btw who's judging a console here? they are judging witch game look better


no need to get all defensive and bitter lol

N4G king3220d ago

did i said something wrong ?
did i tell a lie ???

you are talking about ??

and yes i saw the title
but what i said was
i've just remembered the last gen

multiplats looked better on the first XBOX
and the PS2 was harder to develop for

time repeat it self again "

and that is TRUE
because the multiplats DID look better on the first xbox
and the PS2 was harder to develop for
so what's your point ??

Dutch Boogie3220d ago

Truth hurts but it is what it is. I was referring to those who still think the 360 is in the same league as the ps3.

I did not murder him3220d ago

Not only was this result expected so was the excuses about How PS3 has this or that lol.

Maybe multi platform games are the only way of showing the difference in power because I'm sure what ever is on PS3 could be done better on the 360.

Fishy Fingers3220d ago

I did not murder him

Well that's where you and several, actual game developers differ.

HDgamer3220d ago

Still waiting for them to outdo Uncharted and killzone 2. Will be waiting till next gen.

I did not murder him3220d ago

PS3 was probably holding this bad boy back. I can't wait to see the most graphically advanced games to ever grace consoles, games like BRINK, CRYSIS 2 & RAGE comparisons.

HDgamer3220d ago

Your excuses are unfounded, ignorant, blind and just plain funny.

I did not murder him3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

Disagree? Most people expect the PS3 versions to fall short with multi platform games and it's true Sony fans will then attack the game being compared or bring up PS3 exclusives.

What's there to disagree about? is it because I said when the 360 is used as lead platform PS3 falls short and when PS3 is used as lead platform the 360 matches and passes the PS3 version anyways?

Go to the open zone if your ass hurt.

raztad3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

murder_him is murdering logic up there.:D

It's not like the PS3 is holding back "the incredible visuals of xbox exclusives".

When developers are only focused on PS3 hardware they dont need to make compromises in order to fit time/budget constrains. Not need to worry about storage space, not need to worry about two different ways of RAM usage, not need to worry about porting code, etc. PS3 exclusives speak by themselves, the difference between UC2 and any xbox game is huge not just some pixels here and over there.

Valkyre3220d ago

if you truly believe that these shi7y multiplatform tell the truth about which console is more powerfull than the other and that it somehow proves that uncharted 2 for example would be even better on xbox 360 if it was made for it , then i am very sorry because you are extremly facking retarded...

and apart from that you must also be extremly butthurt that you havent seen anything graphically special from your precious console , for the past year , last one being Gears of War 1.5 ...

boohoo hoo , enjoy mediocre shi7y games and overpriced expansion packs ,while i enjoy cutting edge games that actually do push the indusrty forward. :D

Ldubbz3220d ago

Thats a pretty big difference if you ask me. That sharpness really makes a diff when you have a HD set, especially 1080p.

These dont matter anyway, because yet again, its all about EXCLUSIVES. Right. Those games that we cant actually compare side by side because they are on only one system. Yes those. Pffft.

Same game, two systems. It doesnt get any easier than that. If devs havent figured out how to make the PS3 version of stuff look sharper by now, it aint gonna happen. Not all devs are funded by Sony and get four years plus to bring out Killzone 2 or GT5.

Not that I think K2/GT5 is the looker some of these people do either. but to each his or her own. But the same game, and the excuses wear thin...

Sarcasm3220d ago

So multiplatform titles show a console's true power, despite the fact that their goals is to make both version as equal as possible despite minor differences.


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jack_burt0n3220d ago

Watch the whole HD vid its more about preference tbh the bloom looks excellent towards the end and the blur on the rollovers is exagerated have a look @ the vid and see.

Only problem i have with a comparison like this, is hardcore racing fans will have a serious sound setup so why not compare HD audio against normal audio or does that not count? lol

Soul Train3220d ago

I don't think LoT "exaggerated" anything Mr. Burton. PS3 looks slightly blurrier in the video too. Who cares

jack_burt0n3220d ago

what i meant was the 1 pic showing the difference in ground texture was from a motion pic, surely thats effected by the technical differences in AA? or are u always looking at the ground textures at high speed in drivng games.

I did not mean manipulated.

DonCorneo3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

i've been suckered into buying this game day one

now, i'm looking for buyer to purchase it for $30

or might just trade it in next week for NGS2

this is not a good racing game.