Killzone 2 Outsold by Halo 3: ODST in a Day: Does That Mean It's Better?

Loot Ninja says:

"How does one gauge success? Critical acclaim? Overall Sales? Fanbase? I believe it falls somewhere in the middle. Based on this premise, one can argue that Halo 3: ODST is a better game than Killzone 2. The question is, do you believe that?"

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drunkpandas3160d ago

Great article. I’m surprised how fast it got to 2 million. I knew it would sell a lot, but this is much faster than I anticipated.

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Genesis53160d ago (Edited 3160d ago )

A game is successful to me if I have fun and enjoy playing it.

I also agree with Pirate Thom below me if sales are how we judge how good a game is, then Wii fit is the greatest game of all time.

snipermk03160d ago

be a gamer.. Not a sales man. Nuff said!

gaffyh3160d ago

Yet another article which proves that xbox fanboys play sales rather than games it seems.

Which person didn't think ODST would outsell KZ2? Seriously, nobody said the game wouldn't sell, they all said that the game is not great.

blackmagic3160d ago

What game is better/best is all in the eye of the beholder. I would say that both KZ2 and ODST have gotten good reviews, good sales and have strong fanbases which makes them both great games. It really doesn't matter after that. If your favourite genre is first person shooter then both of these titles are must plays and you should be ecstatic to have variation and choice in titles and gameplay instead of wasting time arguing about which game is 'the best'.

Cwalat3160d ago

Whoever says "Sales=Quality" is an idiot.

Some of the greatest games i've played have all had mediocre sales numbers.

ODST is a beast interms of sales... For me, that's about it.

ultimolu3160d ago

Does it have more quality than Killzone 2?

*crickets chirp*

ShadowCK3160d ago

No, It doesn't mean it's better, it means that Halo 3: ODST has a larger fanbase when compared to Killzone 2.

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HolyOrangeCows3160d ago

It gauges quality on the same level as quantity. This article is idiotic.

japanese_dawn3160d ago

White bread sells more, black bread sells less... We all know black (dark) bread is healthier, longer lasting and tastier. ;)

DK_Kithuni_713160d ago

I for one think Halo and Microsofts constant milking og the franchise sucks. But 2 million in one day is quite impressive. Sony would kill for sales numbers like that.

But hey. Halo numero whatever is all the Xbots get. We Playstation owners get choice.

Boody-Bandit3160d ago (Edited 3160d ago )

Then Wii Fit is the greatest game this generation!
How many people here play Wii Fit?

Can't have it both ways people.
Quality = quality
Sales = a lot of things
Hell if sales really equaled quality Brittney Spears would be one of the greatest female singers the world has ever known.

I'm not saying one (ODST vs Killzone 2) is better than the other because that is all a matter of personal preference which is not factual. All I am saying is this is a silly article and a done to death argument.

Blaze9293160d ago (Edited 3160d ago )

I gotta admit, that made me lol

Anyway all it means is that Bungie has successfully established one very loyal fanbase with a great game. So with each new game, there is already that huge fanbase to buy it.

Killzone 2, had a fanbase from Killzone 1. So its understandable the hesitation. Now for Killzone 3 it SHOULD be a totally different story seeing how Killzone 2 turned out.

The-Warranty3160d ago

I love it when people say the Mods are Sony fanboys since my comments, yet mild, are frequently deleted lol

edgeofblade3160d ago (Edited 3160d ago )

Does not mean ODST is better.

It just means it's controls don't make people puke. And before anyone says the controls are just fine, I'm playing the MAG beta, and all the time thinking that if KZ2 had solid smooth controls like this, it wouldn't be sitting at the bottom of my closet right now.

Seriously, it just means ODST sold better. I think ODST is what a good Halo clone would look like. It would take the parts that made Halo good and frame it in a more tactical design.

Honestly, sales != quality, but how do you say one game has more quality than another game. That's a fuzzy comparison.

Microsoft Xbox 3603160d ago

Killzone 2 is not a casual game. You won't see the same typical 12 year old boys that play Halo on K2.

simplyRealistic183160d ago (Edited 3160d ago )

how many 360 exclusives sold more than 2 million, now compare the ps3 exclusives,yes the 360 have a game that could sale over 5 mil but how many 360 done that, they count only on 2 franchises, halo and gears, ps3 is more diverse that's why i like it more


BTW this article is stupid just a flamebait

RememberThe3573160d ago

They let people know about Halo. So when anything Halo related happens, people are watching. This is how you sell videogames. What the hell is Sony doing?

(Sorry to bring them into this, but I really do want to know. Infamous still isn't past a million units sold. That game is freakin awesome!)

Winter47th3160d ago

That is just embarrassing..

eagle213160d ago

Or do you only like metacritic when you actually can beat a PS3 game? :)

I'm sure the only people satisfied with this news is Bungie and Microsoft. The fans are looking at their TV's like WTF? The amazon reviews are average and we all know why.

Viper73160d ago

in the past, most of the ppl said the world was flat, however they soon realized they were wrong.

Popularity or sales =/= good game

Not that I am claiming that H3:ODST is a bad game as I haven't played it, just implying the obvious.

kapedkrusader3160d ago

...are a product of the fan base built by Halo 1, 2, 3 and Halo Wars prior to it's release. Compared to Killzone 2 that had to excel regardless of the lack of popularity of Killzone 1. Also, ODST is coming out after a year of very little releases for the Xbox 360. Owners were starving for something new to play.

iamtehpwn3160d ago

ODST MAY be a mighty fine game but for $60, you're KIDDING.

You're telling my Halo 3's outdated Engine is worth the same as a brand new, high tech experience like Uncharted 2 in full HD Quality and presentation--?

I'm sorry, I can't get a justification for this.

All-33160d ago

It does indicate that one game is more popular than another though.

Another One3160d ago

Sales don't make a game better or worse. I like Halo better for a lot of different reasons, but sales isn't one of them. to me, Halo's controls, story, and multiplayer make it a better game. But like everything, this is my personal opinion and it doesn't mean KZ2 is a bad game. Gamers these days are far too defensive. It's a sign of the times.

orakga3160d ago

Hahaha... well played, sir.

My question to you is... why don't you just SELL the damn thing instead of letting it gather dust? I sold mine a few weeks ago, and got $30 for it; which went toward my ODST purchase.


But seriously, let's all be honest here and admit how BAD Killzone 2 actually was, shall we? Sure, it DID have some GREAT quality to it (32 players, BEST GRAPHICS EVER, great class-based gameplay), but it was FAR FAR FAR from perfect.

And Guerilla Games was too proud to admit to their problems that the game suffered from shoddy controls (NEVER had a game been criticized so much just for control sensitivity, even before launch) to unbalanced multiplayer (boost X assault; retarded game balance).

ODST, on the other hand, is a sequel to a game that HAD NO INHERENT FLAWS. Yes, the engine is old and WAS old when Halo 3 came out. But at least Bungie didn't release a f-ed up product that made it UNFUN to play the game, and people who played Halo 3 all knew what they were getting. ODST's strong sales is proof of how satisfied the Halo 3 customers were.

This would not be true for KZ3. A MUCH SMALLER percentage of KZ2 players will end up buying KZ3, because KZ2 did not satisfy their customers to the same degree that Halo 3 did.


Switching gears, Uncharted 2 is doing well with pre-orders PRECISELY for the same reason. Uncharted 1 players were thoroughly satisfied with their last purchase, and know EXACTLY what they're getting. i.e. their money's full worth.

ultimolu3160d ago

And yet I am not proven wrong.

Disagrees change nothing.

HDgamer3160d ago

Well the group known as I love boys bought this game twice.

All-33160d ago

I for one thought Killzone 2 would sell more copies than it has - and I know there were a whole lot more in here that previously thought that as well.


>how many 360 exclusives sold more than 2 million, now compare the ps3 exclusives,yes the 360 have a game that could sale over 5 mil but how many 360 done that, they count only on 2 franchises, halo and gears, ps3 is more diverse that's why i like it more

Come on - Forza 2 sold over 2 million, as has Fable II. As for how many 360 games have sold over 5 million copies - so far THREE. What have exclusives got to do with this article anyways?

Just leave it at - ODST has so far proven to be more popular in sales than Killzone 2 - period.

BattleAxe3160d ago

Theres nothing else new to play on the 360 as far as shooters go, so people are going to buy anything that MS comes out with. Its either Halo, Gears, BattleField or CoD for shooter fans.

On the other hand with Sony you have people playing Socom, Killzone 2, Resistance 2, CoD, BattleField or the MAG beta. Other then that, Infamous was released in the summer.

SiteNblog Defender3160d ago

Just goes to show you that MS knows how to market games, and that their fanbase buy games instead of hyping them on the internet.

RememberThe3573160d ago (Edited 3160d ago )

Did you really just try to tell us all the Halo 3 had "no inherent flaws"? Besides not being a great game, combat was lame, the graphics were worse then a game that came out a year before(GeoW), the story was lame, and the AI was weak. Those are all flaws. I actually liked Halo 3 but I'm not blind enough to say it was flawless.

The controls for Killzone 2 are different, not broken. I play frequently so I KNOW that. Just because you don't like something doesn't make it broken. I'm actually not sure if I want to go back to the other way FPS were controlled, and this is coming from a former COD4 fanatic.

Killzone 2 has it's flaws but they are made up for by the weighty controls, gorgeous visuals, and addictive multi-player. Better single-player story telling and the game would have been near perfect.

Xelai3160d ago (Edited 3160d ago )

KZ2 is the superior game, but to me is like having a nice car in your garage just for showing of wary of, letting it out.

Check the KZ2 for seeing how many people are playing little over than six months after release, 3 000 people, thats it. Peak hour in the US and still play time in Europe.

Go over to Halo 3, almost 300 000 people, add to that ODST and it is more than 400 000 people playing two years after release.

Seems that Halo is the car people get out to have fun and enjoy, not just admire in its showcase.

If not, why not play more? Sincerely of all people here how many are doing hours at KZ2? Not me, nor anyone else it seems.

PD The excuse about Xbox users not having gaming options is ridiculous, there are loads of shooters on 360. Gears, L4D and Halo are the exclusive ones. On PS3 we got Resistance 2, KZ2, and MAG beta, but it is only a Beta!!! Options on both camps. ( sorry if I missed any relevant shooter ).

prowiew3160d ago

Gamers = prefer quality over sales
publishers = prefer sales over quality
fanboys = Depends. If the game sucks, but sold a lot, they prefer sales. If the game is good, but dont sell, then they prefer quality.

DaTruth3160d ago

What else are they gonna buy? Seriously, what? Look how long they been waiting for a game to play, you think they aren't going to run out the second it releases.

If you didn't have sex in a year, how fast would you run on the first offer.... And you wouldn't be too picky!

FamilyGuy3160d ago (Edited 3160d ago )

Where was it sited that odst sold "2 million" copies in it's first 24 hours?
How do they have the count so fast?
Was it 2 million exactly because that sounds a hell of a lot like a shipped number rather than a "sold" number (not that I don't believe a halo game could pull it off). The number just sounds retarded as a whole number.

Anyway, I don't think anyone thought it wouldn't be passing killzone 2 almost instantly and this reporting seems like a backlash to those 360 rpg sales recently. LOL, what goes around comes around and all that.

IaMs123160d ago

Id also like to add that Quantity doesnt always not = quality. Just because a game sells awesome doesnt mean its not good too. Usually it indicates the opposite. Most people who know about games are through popularity. Note: Most people, dont even know about N4G.

I still find Sony fanboys hypocritical, because when something sells bad on Sony its still high quality, and when it sells awesome they rub it in the Xbox faces saying its twice the quality. Look at KZ2, for the few weeks before and after it was released no matter what thread you were in, even Wii you saw someone talking about KZ2. Im calling it right now that no matter what the outcome of UC2 gets all we will hear on N4G for the next 2 weeks is how great it is, 1 copy sold or 200 million sold. I also noticed that PS3 games seem to be forgotten a lot more and faster then other games too.....

Anyway awesome numbers we all knew it would sell regardless. Shows how people still like to play Halo, yes there are people outside of N4G, its not the world in here.

PROFIT3160d ago

they delete anything thaT CRITICIZES M$

orakga3160d ago (Edited 3160d ago )

My bad, perhaps I should have phrased that better (i.e. the "has no inherent flaws" comment). I was simply referring to balance in gameplay.

And I agree, Halo 3 has a crappy storyline, but I wasn't even referring to that, so please let that one go.

Also, don't assume that just because I wrote something bad about KZ2 that I did not play it. You can go check my trophies and will see that I did hit the top rank within a week after the game came out, and even played through both DLCs. Hell, I was even in the beta FFS. In other words, I *AM* informed enough to criticize this game.

You said that you are a former CoD4 fanatic... what else have you played that involves aiming a gun? Please name something from BEFORE the 360 and PS3 generation, because when someone claims to be a CoD4 fanatic, I tend to wonder if that's all they've played. (in which case, I could understand why KZ2's controls might feel "fresh" to them; despite already having been proven flawed back in 2004)

Xelai3160d ago

Not considering the 200ms KZ2 latency versus the 67ms CoD4 latency.

That is why many people think CoD controls are great and KZ2 are not.

KZ2 takes more time to get used to as it is not as fast and responsive.

Sarevok3160d ago (Edited 3160d ago )

Anyone that crys about killzone's controls just sucks at gaming.

I never played a game like killzone 2 before.
but I been playing fps games since 1996 and the controls never bug me.

I log onto killzone 2 like once every 2 days I get like 140 kills and will only die about 30-40 times.

so yeah if you cry about it you just suck it's not the game. ;3

Ravage273160d ago

I've played KZ2 for 7 months now and not once did i find anything wrong with the controls. If anything, it just made COD controls feel floaty and weird.

aueslander3160d ago

....soeone brought up B Spears, but let me ask you this....The Beatles, one of if not THE best band of all time, have sold just about more albums and singles than any artist in history, would you say they suck?

Point is, the only thing I wonder is with sonys good exclusives (and i do enjoy KZ2, MGS4, Heqqvenly Sword, God of War, etc) why is the percentage of PS3 owners who buy those games so low compared to 360 exclusives? I mean only like 9% of those that have PS3s bought KZ2 yet like 37% of those that have a 360 bought halo. I know I will hear "Haloez iz all dat da tree siddy doods have to play" but if a game is good, then why do that not sell more? You will always have exclusives of new IPS that dont sell a ton, that is a given, but to hav so many exclusives that all sale low (that is attach rate) compared to the other guy is a bit perplexing.

At any rate, I ws at Best Buy at 1200am for ODST and love the game so far. As far as the value, i never bought any of the DLC for H3 so the deal was good for me and I am going to see about getting into H3 online after I finishe the story (only played an hour due to work).

Still, I will hold off on saying which is the better FPS until REACH comes out since it is confirmed it will have a new engine for it.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3160d ago

'"Yet another article which proves that xbox fanboys play sales rather than games it seems." Yet 2 millon people are now playing Halo ODST which is a game.

Put your dunce hat on and sit in a corner. You're in timeout for being dumb.

Jake11113160d ago

When gamers are putting their fanboyism above their desire to play great games, this is a sad day...

Halo is not even close to the same quality of Drakes 1... Let alone drakes 2.... I have both systems and I can honestly say that I havent played a game that is even close to the quality of Drakes 1.

There is nothing even remotely close on the 360.... I really do hope that MS does something with Natal because I am seriously thinking of selling it.....


Jaces3160d ago

What does popularity have to do with anything? Okami wasn't to popular and yet it was an amazing game.

Anyway, it's no surprise to see these numbers. Impressive, but not surprising. You'd have to be pretty dumb not to buy ODST...I mean Halo is the reason most people bought an Xbox.

ProperFunked3160d ago

wow, [now that i think about it] your totally right. well said. and that being said by you =]

ceedubya93160d ago

thing I've been hearing lately. Why do people keep saying things like "360 gamers have been starving for something to play?" Have we forgotten that games have been coming out for a while now?

I own a PS3 and a 360, but if all I had was a 360, I think I'd be fine. I mean, lets take a look at the games that have come out recently:

ODST, Blazblue, another Guitar Hero, Madden 10, NCAA 10, Ultimate Alliance 2, Dirt 2, Batman, Fight Night Round 4, UFC, and so on and so forth. And that's not even including games still to come for the rest of the year. Are all of these games exclusives? No, but 360 gamers are buying them and playing them month to month.

360 owners have had plenty to play, it just that some of you are so stuck on PS3 exclusives that, while fantastic games, hardly anyone seems to play or even care about overall. Its just dumb to saythese things, and not even really funny.

Kornholic3160d ago

Game sales don't contribute to the quality of the game one bit. It sends a message, sure, that the product is popular.

edgeofblade3160d ago

Whoever said KZ2's controls were "different, not broken" is an idiot.

I go play other games and wish KZ2 controlled like those games. That's a rough definition of broken to me. If KZ2 wasn't so stuck up about its realism, they might have made the game fun. Instead, they made the game a chore.

Honestly, when you dig into Halo, you realize they did a lot of work to make the controls feel right. Forget the high and mighty talk about "30 seconds of fun, over and over". The one thing that Halo got 100% undeniably right was the control. The one thing KZ2 got 100% undeniable wrong... was the control.

syanara3160d ago

ig it's got halo in the name its gonna sell if its a FPS with halo in the name its REALLY gonna sell because halo has the largest fan base next to GTA. sales do not judge the quality of the game. whats said is alot of people in the open zone are just going off on a killzoned spree.

3160d ago
wallace10003160d ago

ODST is a great game, i had lots of fun playing it yesterday and plan on playing it again today. You guys need to stop focusing on which game is selling more and which console has more games because the only person it should matter too is you. Buy the console and games that you want to play. Don't join the childish comment hurling that has infested this once great website.

Sub4Dis3159d ago

"in the past, most of the ppl said the world was flat, however they soon realized they were wrong. "

that is so profound. lol.

"1.11 - As I always said...
White bread sells more, black bread sells less... We all know black (dark) bread is healthier, longer lasting and tastier. ;) "

Maybe the dumbest thing i've read on n4g. though the other comment is certainly in the running.

as for the article...neither game is worth buying. ODST is fun, but it's an expansion and should be 30 dollars tops. would definitely not spend 60 for it, beat it the day i rented it. KZ2, bought it, traded it on switch games first chance i got...generic shooter that only has graphics to back it up, and even they aren't nearly as impressive as a certain minority in gaming would have us believe.

Alvadr3159d ago

Which is better is one persons opinion over the next.

More popular never means better. Would you say the Wii is better than the 360 because it sells more?

mastiffchild3159d ago

Three thing here:1, Halo sells on the 360 like Mario does on Ninty platforms-it's the franchise that represents the demographic who buy it's console.2, Killzone2 is a follow up to a widely regarded failure(a noble on but a failure) and is building a fanbase.3, The PS3 demographic, not being largely built around a FPS like the 360, has a more varied buying preference(games like TR,RE5 and SF sell better on there despite being different genres as they have long history on the Sony playforms)and as such ALL shooters do better on the 360-look also at how games like Banjo sink almost without trace compared even to average shooters on 360.

So, no surprise and no guage of quality.

And Edge, fella, just because you don't like the controls doesn't mean they're broken. IMO, the beta controls should have never been tampered with, there should never have been ANY kow towing to the COD4 boys who weren't prepared to learn ANYTHING new and then the MP would be even more amazing. I don't see why all our shooters have to feel the same as , to me, variety is a big part of gaming and with similar controls all FPS(which have more probklems than most genre games in finding any identity of their own)we're killing that.

Fine, if you don't like/didn't like the controls in Killzone2 don't play it. It's just a shame that GG watered the experience down for those who did like it as it was meant to be played. Bot ALL games need to be pick up and play accessible-in fact I prefer a longer learning curve these days. If I want that kind of game I'll play Halo and COD4(which I, indeed , do)but sometimes I want something different and not just another shooter with COD/Halo controls in differnt skins.

Honestly, i isn't a crime when you don't like a higly respected game. It doesn't make you a noob but nor does it mean the game is broken-it's just called having different taste.

As for comparing the two games-I'm not sure what I think of ODST. I think I wish they made a bit more of the investigative hub portions of the game as it's not investigeted enough for me but you can't blame them, either, for pandering to the fanbase with more "classic" Halo style gameplay can you? It's better than I was worried it was gooing to be but as I've already got most of the maps included it isn't great value.

However, it's undeniably Halo and to be surprised at it selling well is silly, imo. Halo sells well on 360-who would have thought! A good game in a great franchise with a massive fanbase starved of any great shooters this year sells well on the 360! Even Pachter could have predicted this one!

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PirateThom3160d ago

Yes, Wii Fit is the best game of all time.

callahan093160d ago

Precisely. I thought we'd established long ago that sales do not equal quality (and quality does not equal sales).

Simon_Brezhnev3160d ago

lol lets see how they going to spin it oh i know Wii is not next gen

Tomonobu Itagaki3160d ago

Let's try to spin it: Wii Fit is for women, Halo is for men.
Anyway, Okami and MadWorld are crappy games too. In their combined lifespan, they couldn't even sell half of what Halo ODST did in a day.
God bless America.

FireJackal3160d ago

Oh,it's that so...hope you are enjoying your wii fit ;)

kalebgray923160d ago (Edited 3160d ago )

the guy above me ... he's saying since that game sold the most it doesn't mean its better like a halo expansion over killzone 2... not the case

blackmagic3160d ago (Edited 3160d ago )

Sales do have a relationship with quality however. The quality of a game is directly related to the development budget. If the budget is small then that will impact the amount of money available for every facet of game development from talent to art assets to quality control and even marketing. If a game is expected to sell well or it is a sequel in a high selling franchise then it will get more money allocated and ultimately be a higher quality title. If the title is in a niche genre or a sequel in a mediocre selling franchise then the development budget will be smaller which will impact quality. Also, if a title doesn't sell well, it may never get a sequel. I'd say any title that sells or is expected to sell over a million is a good selling franchise and should have a budget sufficiently large as far as how it affects the quality.

Dutch Boogie3160d ago

no no no GT series are the best games of all time. Over $55 million sold and counting lol.

GamerPS3603160d ago (Edited 3160d ago )

wii fit is the best game this generation.
Mc Donald is the best food in the world.
Walmart is the best place to shop.
Microsoft is the best company to work for.
China is the best place to live (most population).
Titanic is the best movie.

what else...
I let you guys add.

Sick of these pathetic headlines 'coz I don't read articles with flamebait headlines.

I am not saying killzone is better or Halo. Quite frankly, I didn't like any of them. I am more into ARMA/Battlefield/Operation Flashpoint guy.

kalebgray923160d ago (Edited 3160d ago )

the sales isnt what makes it great the game does .... you advancements... for example graphics... which odst didnt improve on at all... or gameplay... sure they changed a little but still is the same.... just without a shield and dual wielding

4Sh0w3160d ago (Edited 3160d ago )

Bro really his comment doesn't actually make sense if the point he's trying to make is sales have no relation to quality. Of course high sales generally have something to do with quality.

Comparing Wii-fit sales to ODST or any other game isn't really a good comparison because wii-fit sales to a whole new demographic...wii-fit sales comparison would make more sense being compared to the latest exercise gimmick being sold on QVC channel, its a different market, people looking for a way to do a low scale workout regularly= Soccer Moms n old people.

KZ2 and Halo both sell within the same genere, only on different platforms, if anything KZ2 sales should be lower only because of a smaller fanbase, however I think KZ2 sales still are porportionately a lot lower, especially for a game sony poured so much money into, but in KZ2's defence theres only like 1 or 2 other games that can compete with Halo's popularity this gen, I think MW2 will come close and FF might have a shot at beating it.

devilhunterx3160d ago

stop stealing my lines :)

edgeofblade3160d ago

Ummm....Dutch... trouble with math?

2 million ODST games X $60 = $120 million in sales.

kalebgray923160d ago

yo good argument... it was legit .... +bubble for you