2 new images of FFXIII cuties Serah Farron and Oreba Dia Vanille

Two new in-game images of FFXIII characters Serah Farron and Oreba Dia Vanille cropped out of the latest Famitsu issue in Japan.

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Vivi3163d ago

These are from a magazine scan so forgive the quality of the images.

Here they are for quick viewing.

Both in-game. =)

villiers3163d ago

Gotta admit some of the best in-game hair I have seen.

Graphical downgrade talk was useless in the end considering how beautiful the game is looking.

Noct3163d ago

Looking amazing.

Looks like there in some type of beach setting?

DonCorneo3163d ago

the blonde with glasses is the hottest one

wish she was playable

and wish there's a scene with DonCorneo trying to get lucky with the ladies