Start Training for Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising

GrE writes, "Operation Flashpoint isn't just any old shooter. It's a tactical shooter in the very strictest sense. Even now, original Xbox gamers speak reverently in lowered tones when referring to this masterpiece. So it's understandable, that its sequel, the cumbersomely-titled Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising is one of the big releases of October 2009. Actually, scratch that – 2009 period..."

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roblef3224d ago

So, WHERE, again, are the Dragons?

bgrundman3224d ago

I think that is a figure of speech in the military.

notbob3224d ago

The lack of actual dragons in this game is indeed disappointing.

BattleAxe3224d ago

This game is not for Halo or Resistance players.

jjohan353222d ago

This game is not for the Halo or COD players.

It's for the campers and snipers.

finbars753222d ago

I hope that you are being must be a cod fan.Dont bother wasting your time noob you will just get your a$$ handed to you.You will actually have to use your brain to play this game.

jjohan353222d ago

Please hand my a$$ to me, thank you.

Why is it that any time a game seems slow, the fanboys jump up and scream in defense, 'we're using our brains!' Do you guys actually need that much time to pass before your brains turn on? You guys act like the most elite military units that operate on speed and surprise don't use their brains.

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wondroushippo3224d ago

Was this really all that big of an original Xbox game or was I too busy playing Halo 2 and Unreal Championship 2 to notice?

bgrundman3224d ago

Yeah, it was pretty successful in the UK I think.

bgrundman3224d ago

Why do most military games focus on being in the US militarty. Why not one from the perspective of Al Quida? Just saying...

wondroushippo3224d ago

Remember the crapstorm over 6 Days in Fallujah? Yeah, an al-Qaeda game would be like that, but about A MILLION TIMES WORSE.

Jamescagney3224d ago

Yes, give me a chance to be a terrorist. So much fun to be had.

dkgshiz3224d ago

Yeah, that would be banned in a heartbeat. Thats like on the same level as a 9/11 simulator or something.

bgrundman3224d ago

It is insane to think that this is based off of the same game engine that they use for Dirt and Dirt 2. Talk about being versatile!

Haly3224d ago

I'll be interested to see what the engine's like. Loved older Operation Flashpoint games on the PC

peeps3224d ago

looking frwd to this but hope it runs smoother than arma II does. my rigs actually pretty decent but seems to chug along with arma :(

paul03883224d ago

I also have ARMA II, and it still kicks my computer's ass. My specs are below. Is it just me, or is that game really unoptimized?

Q6600 @ 2.4 GHZ
4GB PC2 5300 RAM
Radeon HD-4890 1GB

FantasyStar3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

I have similar specs to you (check bio), and it's not a case of "unoptimized" or anything. A game like ArmA is really that demanding and any sort of 'optimization' would mean a lesser-experience.

Games like Crysis wouldn't be the behemoths that they are if they were "optimized" in any way.

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