PS3Hype Preview: MAG

PS3Hype writes: 'Early next year, every PS3 owner can enjoy 256 online battles on the PlayStation 3! But how good is MAG at this moment? Will it be a good online game? Or is it just a shooter, without something special?'

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finbars753252d ago

This game has lived to its hype regardless of it being a beta test.Last night they put the 128 vs 128 and its was stunnning and action packed.I love the upgrades and the loadout set up for what you want to use.The game is straight forward easy to just pick up and play without any complications or catches.Yes there was some lag but it was the first time they tried it and I have to say they pulled out something unique and funfilled.Thank you Zipper for something different but simple with team base strategy.Januray 26 cant come any sooner.