PlayStation LifeStyle'sTokyo Game Show Predictions

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

"Sony Computer Entertainment's head honcho, Kaz Hirai is set to take the stage tonight in Tokyo. Hirai will be giving a Tokyo Game Show keynote titled "Sony's Computer Entertainment Strategy 2009?. The keynote is scheduled for 9:30PM EST/6:30PM PST. After such major showings at E3, and last month's Gamescom, is there anything left to be revealed at Tokyo Game Show? We give our Tokyo Game Show predictions after the jump…"

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Sev3253d ago

What are your predictions?

Sev3253d ago

I would love that. Been some chatter about that for a long time. Lets hope it's true.

Aquarius3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

New SONY RPG{S} (:

+ Heavy Emphasis on 3rd Party RPG support

an announcement of a FFVII remake any1?

mercenarie3253d ago

Final Fantasy bundle revealed.. it's the smartest move sony can do to push the PS3 in Japan.

dreamcast3253d ago

I predict there will be a lot of japanese people there.

And a GT5 release date.

TOO PAWNED3253d ago


That is bold prediction, are you sure about that one, do you have some source?

Anyways, realistic predictions, just like you guys i want to see LOD2.

Sangria3253d ago

A PSP Go price cut or cheap model. Sony just can't sell a 250$ handheld console in the current market.

nycredude3253d ago


let's wait until the go releases to see if they can sell it. My prediction is that it will sell decent amount in japan and europe.

Sony has been selling the most "expensive" console real well in this fvcked up economy for 3 years now.

Weak_Sauce3253d ago

i predict sony will turn the show on its back and hit it at its weak spot for massive ownage

i say sony will have a great show. im hoping for more GT5 footage/set release date

Noob3253d ago

After the leak from Sega's FTP site, something tells me it'll be one of the announcements. I really hope it happens eventually.

KillaManiac3253d ago

Much more RPG focus for Sony and GT5 Worldwide release....I agree strongly with both predictions.

INehalemEXI3253d ago

an onslaught of gaming goodies to come that will continue to humble me financially. Thats all I got :(

Enate3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

Honestly I'd rather play some new rpgs instead of remakes. As much as I love Xenogears an Suikoden II an all the PS1 rpgs. I want the current gen rpgs to show me what they've got now. I want to dig into a new story of epic proportions an immersion that reminds me of the greatness that PS1 rpgs used to an still do bring.

I wouldn't mind a Zone of the EnderZ 3 PS3 exclusive announcement either.

JD_Shadow3253d ago

1. Sev, I don't know HOW you got 2 disagrees for that.
2. You forgot about the 2 new game announcements that Sony said they have, which could be anything. With possible heavy emphasis on JRPGs, we could hear some new titles. Maybe the heavily rumored FF7 remake, or possibly Wild Arms 6 or something.
3. They could make some sort of quick jab in spite of the whole BBC Watchdog thing. Maybe a thing like "our system, which has never had a Weakest Link" or something like that (I know that's a lame line, but I'm working with very little time. Work with me, here). Something to let them know that that was full of BS.
4. A NA release date (doubt it, but I'll throw it out there) for WKC.
5. Trophy patches for MGS4 and VC officially announced and dated.
6. Kaz is taking the stage, so that (usually) means something big. Last two times he's been at a keynote during one of these conferences, he's announced something big (PSP Go at E3, Slim and price cut at Gamescon). I don't know if they would have anything new hardware wise (besides that 250GB PS3 that has already been confirmed), but we'll see what his presence brings this time.
7. The PS2 and Dreamcast libraries that we heard about this week via the leak.

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morgan1jones3253d ago

new firmware to include cross game voice chat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KillaManiac3253d ago

This would be quite nice since we do know Sony has said this is in development.

Trexman893253d ago

that would be great but i doubt it

decimalator3253d ago

I really hope they start selling PS2 games on the PSN, that would be all kinds of awesome.

Nelson M3253d ago

That Sony is Gonna Kick Micro$uck's Ass again
Just Like they did at E3

PlayStation X3253d ago

all i need is a gt5 release date.

S_Leonhart3253d ago


cliffbo3253d ago

fella, you are correct!!! Europe next!

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