Should Street Fighter IV Offer DLC Characters?

PS3Informer writes, "Personally, I'm tired of having to buy the same games over and over again for slightly tweaked content (for example Guitar Hero's updated track lists) or additional characters (Ninja Gaiden Sigma's new playable characters: Ayane, Rachel and Momij). Why bone fans on another SKU?

Here's a genius idea for Capcom: Show us some love and support your games by releasing..."

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tinman_licks3219d ago

This will be nice. I rather pay 5 bucks for a character than full price for an updated Greatest Hits edition that adds 2 characters.

4pocalyps33219d ago

especially if there releasing another sf4 with more characters. wont be fair to the people that bought the original sf4 first day.

kraze073218d ago

I'd rather have a Street Fighter Alpha 4 with all the characters from Alpha 3 plus some new ones. Throw in some new game modes like tag mode or something and change up the single player campaign a bit (different boss or rival fights, new cutseens) and this will justify a purchase without actually calling the game SFV.

swingingape3218d ago

Can we finally get some more alpha characters. I vote for DLC characters.