iCasual: Solitare Siege | The Portable Gamer

Today on the latest iCasual podcast from The Portable Gamer, Michelle Lopez covers "solitaire with weapons" game Solitaire Siege from developer Bad Bumble. New iCasual podcasts are available every Monday, Wednesday and Friday on TPG.

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bgrundman3250d ago

another friggin' card game? REALLY!?!

bgrundman3250d ago

I am really getting sick of the regurgitated card games on the iPhone. It is almost as bad as puzzle games.

roblef3250d ago

Get. A. Deck. Of. Cards!

roblef3250d ago

First thing I thought when I saw the name was Stratego? ON the iPhone!? SWEET! But no. Just another friggin card game. You know they have cards in real life, right?

wondroushippo3250d ago

You ever try playing Solitaire on the bus? Or while skydiving? YOU NEED THIS, SIR.

Haly3250d ago

No matter how many times I try a new solitaire game, it still doesn't beat just playing with good old cards. :)