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TPG writes: "This was probably the most hyped game of the year on any handheld platform, and it's probably up in the highest tiers of anticipation among all video games total. And the biggest compliment that I can give this game is that it met my expectations exactly. I expected a whimsical experience that would challenge my brain to come up with unique ideas so I could beat the game's various challenges, and it did not disappoint. And for a game with such a unique concept, where so much could have gone wrong, I was so glad that it did not."

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bgrundman3253d ago

A three headed review? this reminds me of the old EGM days

roblef3253d ago

EGM and the three headed review monster. Heh.

bgrundman3253d ago

I wish more sites would take this approach to reviews.

roblef3253d ago

Hard to do with only one review copy, if that.

wondroushippo3253d ago

Wow. This review was quite epic. The Hydra of gaming reviews. I'd love to see this approach taken far more often, though.

Jamescagney3253d ago

It's a great game, limited to only your imagination, that's all you need to know.

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