God Of War 3 demo Included in God of War Collection

PS3Hype write's: Today Sony has confirmed that a God Of War 3 demo is included in the God Of War Collection Edition that is coming soon for the PS3 (God Of War 1&2 rerelease on PS3).'


Original Source:
Coming this fall, we are happy to announce to fans that God of War Collection will include the long-awaited God of War III E3 2009 Demo. Each copy of God of War Collection will include a voucher code that can be redeemed through PlayStation Network on the day of purchase. This is your chance to experience God of War III before it hits store shelves March 2010.

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ultimolu3166d ago


*makes plans to order quickly*

Silellak3166d ago

I hear ya. This was already a must-buy for me...but now it's a...double must buy? Or something? I got nothin'.

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UnSelf3166d ago

after seein the demo played so many times i cant say im to stoked for that good news entirely. however, i need dis in my life

gaffyh3166d ago

It was kinda a must buy for me anyway, now there's another reason to get it.

SevWolf3166d ago

@ bubbles: yup, same here :P, but this collection was already a must buy, now I want it even more :D, I know I'll replay the demo hundreds of times just for the sake of trying out combos XD

Carl14123166d ago

Definitely have to import this then, as SCEE are too useless to release it here.

Maybe they fear they will actually sell something

himdeel3166d ago

SONY is disgustingly close to taking all of the money I set aside for fast food each month this fall >_< Too many games :/ no time, happy and sad and the same this legal?!

Lifendz3166d ago

give me wallet a break Sony.

raztad3166d ago

I'm so getting this Collection. No way in hell I dont play this demo day one. GoW3 is my most expected game this generation.

deadreckoning6663166d ago

WOW, INCREDIBLE! I didn't thk it was gunna happen, but its happening!

Erotic Sheep3166d ago

Please dont tell me thats.... omg...... O_o

zeeshan3166d ago

Sony is on a roll here. They really wana sweep both the software and hardware market this holiday!!!

TheReaper423165d ago

SCORE BABY! so we get GOD of War 1, 2, and 2 1/2 (since it's a demo)

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Panthers3166d ago

This is insane. When they announced this collection it blew my mind. Now I get to play the demo too?! SWEET!

Fishy Fingers3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

Figured it would be, at least the demo they've had running at the shows for some time. Now, to resist temptation to jump on that and complete the first two games first (new comer to the series here).

Official PS blog announcement in case this source doesnt get changed before approval Hopefully it will.

Side note: Big props to N4G for the MAG beta code :)

nycredude3166d ago

Fishy Fingers

Dude you haven't played GOW 1 or 2? Oh damn i envy you. I remember dearly the first time I played GOW1. Completed the whole game with a ear to ear smile on my face.

Rip-Ridah3166d ago

I STRONGLY encourage you to play GOW 1 & 2 pre-demo. If you have access to a PSP, I would also suggest getting your paws on Chains of Olympus as well. <-------- Is a prequel so the chronological order should go Chains, 1, then 2. Some didnt enjoy the PSP iteration of the game, but I found it quite enjoyable. All stories link and tie into one another very well. That is the most powerful incentive for you to play all of them. It isnt required or anything to understand the story, but it brings the enjoyment of fully understanding the story and experiencing the epic background and story of Kratos. Enjoy buddy!

Persistantthug3166d ago

I didn't have a PS2 or an XBOX 1 last gen.

Theonik3165d ago

"*shrug* I didn't own or play God Of War 1 or 2 either.....
I didn't have a PS2 or an XBOX 1 last gen."

Same here, i went PC only last gen.

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Angry Moth3166d ago

Damn i might actually have to buy this now, despite the fact that i bought both games last year.
I am suprised considering I saw them asked if a gow3 demo would be included in am interview, and the answer was a resounding no. Must have been a change of plans.

RadientFlux3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

Why not just rent it then, play the demo for a weekend and not have to deal with owning two copies of the same game.

Personally I'll probably pick up the Collection as my PS2 died just before God of War 2 came out and I've been waiting to play it for awhile.

@EvoAnubis True Enough

-EvoAnubis-3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

Well, a good reason would be that the demo isn't on the disk, but on PSN. The game includes a download voucher for the demo.

NegativeCreep4273166d ago

I thought the chances of a GoW 3 demo being included with the GoW collection were permanently denied. The demo may not be on the compilation like I hoped, but hell a voucher for the demo that can be redeemed on day 1 is still all good.