Will TGS 2009 be the event where Microsoft announce 360 slim?

GB writes: "TGS 2009. The event where Microsoft has promised that they will be announcing and showing something new. We at GB think strongly believe that it might be the much rumored Xbox 360 slim. Now as the entire gaming community knows that Sony came back with a bang with the announcement of PS3 slim last month, Microsoft might just follow suit and announce a slim version of the Xbox 360. "

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ShabzS3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

arguably the most basic method ms could use to penetrate the japanese market would be through an introduction of a more reliable console... in the long term of things a redesign would help them quite a bit

but dont know if they'll actually do it though.. i think gb is thinking too much into aaron greenberg's statement

rodeoo3253d ago

If they were going to release a slim, they woulda made the modern warfare 2 console a slim.

BRG90003253d ago

They also would hold a press conference.

ThanatosDMC3253d ago

MS cant buy Japan... errr... wait this is not the EA article.

Microsoft Xbox 3603253d ago

Making it smaller won't solve the problem. You need to make it bigger. Internally, it needs the space for room to breathe.

deadreckoning6663253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

Doesn't make sense..if they were doing a Slim they would have packaged it with the Modern Warfare 2 Bundle Pack. Unless, the SKU in the bundle pack is really the ONLY one that has 250gb of memory. If thats the case, then theres incentive to buy that or a Slim 120gb.

gta_cb3253d ago

microsoft will release an Xbox 360 slim they didnt bother with the original and tbh they have had plenty of time to do it and havnt so far so IMO the Xbox 360 Slim will never come. but like i said people thats MY OPINION.

siyrobbo3253d ago

All these bundles MS are suddenly bringing to market could be a way of clearing the old models

Sarcasm3253d ago

There's no slimming down anything Xbox. That's something Sony does. It would show who's the real leader if they followed suite.

Tony P3253d ago

They don't have a slim up their sleeves. They have Natal. They've said this time and time again: the next major renovation of the 360 is Natal. To borrow an old expression, if they announce a slim, I'll eat my hat.

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Liquid Ocelot3253d ago

A 360 slim would be great it will mean the end of Sony once and for all.

Pennywise3253d ago

Why are they going to set 1000 360slims up in Sony's HQ to burn the place to the ground?

OmarJA3253d ago

360 Slim ?


I'm sure your mother will find a good use for it.

blackbeld3253d ago

"A 360 slim would be great it will mean the end of Sony once and for all"

IN YOU'RE DREAMS!!!! .......

WHEN 360 SLIM COME OUT IT MEANS 99% RROD!!!!! 99% RROD!! 99% RROD!!!

Remember that.

S_Leonhart3253d ago


Angry Moth3253d ago

Why would they anounce a new model which would be cheaper, straight after a price drop?

gameseveryday3253d ago

cause i guess, if they wanna make a stance on this console war than they shud i guess.

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