Top 10 User Created content Games

Go Gaming Giant looks at the recent trend of user created content and gives you the top 10 user created content games.

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jazzking20013103d ago

i played that game it was decent, hated the fact u need to do it ALL online.

BrianC62343103d ago

Not according to that dumb list. How can ModNation beat LittleBigPlanet when it isn't even out yet?

gooneygugu3103d ago

Great article, I tend to be a person who enjoys making my own fun and the rise of games where users either contribute in the form of content or gameplay has been one of my favorite parts of this generation.

astrobrights3103d ago

Games that allow you to be creative with your own content are certainly some of the most enjoyable gaming experiences you can have. It's unfortunate that your options on consoles are very limited.

Clumzyagent3103d ago

Good stuff. Slightly saddened by the lack of Half Life for all of the mods done on it, or DOTA, one of the most successful user created games.

Liuqahs153103d ago

haha well if that were the case Halo 3 could've had a better chance of making it into the top ten, but I decided not to go into the whole modding and all that nonsense. It's not as accessable to players who aren't hackers lol

Poopface the 2nd3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

hackers????? Mods for HL include using the included editor to create your own games and assets for games like HL2/CS/L4D.

For example the original CS was a MOD of half-life. Half life 2 should be on the list simply because anyone can make their own maps. Things like new skins, game types, maps and even complete games like garrys mod are all created using the editor. It has nothing to do with hackers.

Go Gaming Giant3103d ago

ye I think LBP still rules king in this category

INFECTED5033103d ago

if LBP rules the category you'd think it be #1 on your list!

Go Gaming Giant3103d ago

I didn't make the list, one of our writers did ;)

nomoregameblogs3103d ago

it is great, but it sometimes just feels too overwhelming. it gives you the tools, but how many people really utilize them?

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The story is too old to be commented.