Killzone 2 Cheaters Under Investigation Finally

Ebolt a Guerrilla Games Developer claims that the lagswitchers and cheaters in "being looked into", on the killzone forums. After months of glitchers and lagging this one statement is all GG has to account for it. The #2 ranked player in killzone has been reported to GG for his infamous lagswitch. Follow the funny video where Damme1, the #2 ranked player in the leaderboards is caught on video. Unfortanetly GG has yet to do anything about him cause i just ran into another game with him...

All Credit of the capture goes to WetBingoBango

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ReconHope3222d ago

Its amazing how as soon as he spawns he gets 5 headshots and 3 melee kills. That's one amazing lagswitch if i ever saw one. It looks amusing to watch but if your ever caught in a game with this guy that throws spawn grenades in your base and does this for 20 minutes its not amusing at all. Trust me I know...

gamesR4fun3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

ya the dude cheats not the only one but lets hope they start giving out psn bans to keep the worst ones out. give em a warning or 2 maybe a temp ban to start then if they keep up bang your ps3 dont connect no more...

idc so much about the padders but lag switchers and glitchers need to die.

Grandreaper99993222d ago

The spawn grenades alone are not amusing. They SHOULD have them so you can only drop them a certain distance outside the objective area, most games just have you losing if you're on the offensive because of those damn things. Radec academy/Tharsis depot search and destroy comes to mind. Coincidentally, those are the two maps everyone loves playing in. Instantaneous Clusterf**k Grenades.

Nineball21123222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

LOL.. I'm so out of the loop, I had to look it up to even see what a lagswitch is.

This is beyond pathetic. I mean seriously, if you have to put this much effort into "winning" at video games, you've got issues.

Creeps that use this stuff should be perma-banned from either PSN or Live.

Cwalat3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

Am i the only one who thinks that this was a very well done video?

Props to the guy, and hope the hacker gets kicked out of the KZ2 community.

UnSelf3222d ago

why cant i see the video?

finbars753222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

I have played agianst the damme1 a few days ago and he was still lagswitching all over.Drove me crazy.They should look at the top 100 as well.I have played against most of them and they are some of the biggest glitchers known to mankind.Disappearing into walls,walking i nto walls,lagswitching.Especially the number 1 ranked player in the world.You know who you are.Im going to start taping this to show you everyone how bad this is getting.GG needs to stop this fast because there going to lose alot more then a fanbase if they let this continue.Im now not playing killzone due to the lack of discipline that has not been taking.

Christopher3222d ago

I had to watch the video twice. First time through I was enjoying the detail on the gun. Sorry, I'm easily distracted by shiny things!

talltony3222d ago

I killed damme 1 plenty of times during the rare occasions of him not using the lag switch.

PROFIT3222d ago

i like playing against them though, when i kill makes me seem that much better cuz i dont cheat

ThanatosDMC3222d ago

Damn, that's really bad. Never encountered a person that does that though. Good thing too. I'm surprised he likes that gun. Sure it's powerful but against a group of enemies it's a terrible weapon. My fav is the SMG and i dont spray and pray.

lokiroo4203222d ago

What a loser, no wonder these guys have 30000 points a week, if they arent removed from the leader boards, then GG has some explaining to do.

thor3222d ago

Where have you been? If you've not played it since launch then I understand your complaint, but now that they've taken out the spawn invulnerability, if you throw spawn grenades at the objective everyone spawns and dies instantly, so nobody uses it. (Who likes to be headshotted to very second they spawn?) So now people actually place spawn grenades in tactical locations out of the way.

Max Power3222d ago

I hardly played this game after I got Valor 3 2 weeks after it came out, and I am still top 100,000.

edgeofblade3222d ago

"but but but... I only use it when I'm losing..."

BattleAxe3222d ago

I had this happen to me lastnight, but I'm not sure if it was the same guy. There was one guy on the other team that had around 250 kills . It was set to 20 minute rounds. It was the same in that the person had thrown spawn grenades all around our spawn, and I couldn't seem to kill whoever was around no matter how many shots I put into them.

Prototype3222d ago

I've ran into both guys that night (we lost by the way) and the second round I was on the Helgast side and it was to the point we couldnt even leave the spawn area without getting blown away. It go so bad we wouldnt even spawn without getting 4-5 guys on us and we had to send one guy who was a scout to another area of the map just so we wouldnt get killed so fast. We still lost but it went from barely any kills to getting close to beating them.

I dont know which is worse: camp-killing or lag switching. By the way I've notice this and the Radec are the 2 biggest levels 90% of the community plays on

PtRoLLFacE3222d ago

only on ps3!! damm better dig my grave lol

cl63AMG3222d ago

I saw something like this in a warzone match the other day. I didn't know it had a name, I just thought I had a bad connection...

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slave2Dcontroller3222d ago

I dont game online much. Too much BS going on. I do plan on playing Uncharted2 online but I hope this type of BS doesn't happen.

The_Firestarter3222d ago

I'm with you there, buddy. I hope this kind of stuff doesn't happen with Uncharted 2 online. I use to have to deal with this kind of BS ALL THE TIME with Counter-Strike. It's so annoying... -_-

ThanatosDMC3222d ago

In CS, there's just those people with fast reflexes and have absolutely no lives.

One thing i hate about it is the bullet reg. Also, the fact that when i shoot the AK-47 it sprays all over the place on auto. But when this other person shoots it at full auto, it barely moves from where he pointed the cursor. WTF?!

thor3222d ago

No there were/are a lot of hackers in Counter-Strike ruining the game for everyone. Not sure if you've ever played a game with a guy who runs around, spinning wildly, making a headshot every time it's possible to hit an enemy. There are a lot of myg0t people around, shutting servers down, making people's systems crash etc.

Of course there are some people with crazy skills, but you can spec them and see that they actually are skilled and not just hacking.

The_Firestarter3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

Don't worry, I was one of those guys with super-fast reflexes and no life. I played CS and CS:S for nearly six years straight. Regardless, the hackers were annoying. People use to think I was a hacker, but I never did even though my score was usually 42 kills and 5-6 deaths. I can provide it with screenshots I took. I had the l33t skills. lol

thor3222d ago

I got called a hacker a couple of times in CS:S.

So proud :)

(Not that I was really any good)

The_Firestarter3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

Check out these screenshots I took while kicking some major ass on CS:S. I was definitely called a hacker, but I would never stoop to that level.

Deputydon3222d ago

You should try playing in a real map in CS. Not an FY_ map.

Sorry, but I can't consider those to be great K/D unless it's on a map that actually takes some skill (and preferably not Source for that matter).

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Grandreaper99993222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

The spawn grenades are by far the most exploited mechanic regardless. spawn camping all day. I can't count the amount of games where this nonesense would go on.

They should really patch this game up, and do some re-balancing of the classes. Or at least make the spawn turrets indestructible and much more damaging. They're not much of a deterrent as is.

As for lagswitchers, I've never seen something this bad, but I've had many many games where I was the top player for about 10 matches, and then I would play against another group of people and they would eat bullets like candy, and also kill with 1 shot to the body with me undamaged, sometimes through walls. Strange business in that game.

ReconHope3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

though it gets annoying but i take advantage of spawn campers with proximity mines or with the sniper class to pick them off easily.
If your getting spawn camped by spawn grenades that's really your fault and if your feeling desperate put boost on run out of there and place your own spawn grenade out of the heated area. I just hate cheaters that's all. As for turrets they are way more effective in tight corridors. You'll be lucky to get a kill in an open area unless its a huge map, try putting it in tight corridors.

Grandreaper99993222d ago

Yeah, I've tried all of the above, my teammates usually don't clue in or don't care and proceed to run into he gunfire/grenades. I get most of my kills form sneaking up behind the campers tbh. In Radec academy, both teams have tunnels that NOBODY seems to know about, it boggles my mind. Seems like the Helghast spawns are the worst designed, as they have the least amount of options to evade campers. Great game though overall, I'm just wishing for things to be a little different, but that's the case with everything I suppose.

ReconHope3222d ago

those tunnels are always empty it seems like the isa side of is a lot easier to get out because of the bots and stair cases. The bots on the helghast side are placed in places where you can just run past. Why are they behind the locker?

pixelsword3222d ago

you should be invulnerable for at least 1.5 seconds to clear the campers out.

And restore the armor for they guy with the Bazooka: most games people disarm the Bazooka, and so if you pick this dude, he's just a guy running around with a pistol. If I had the armor, I wouldn't care, as I would be able to survive it, but as it stands it's very unbalanced for him. And his armor should be able to regenerate, too.

I got more, but i'm writing a story on it where I'll post it on their site, and maybe here, so hang tight.

ThanatosDMC3222d ago

I hate people like you with the bazookas/rpgs!!! I always fight one with just a pistol and thinking that he ran out of bullets i was gonna just toy with him but then he pulls out the rpg and shoot the ground killing me or him or a group of people.

It's a no skill gun. I HATE YOU! HAHAHAH!

Grandreaper99993222d ago

Assault class with the revolver can really clear a room.. armor/boost/superpistol, no need for rockets lol.

pixelsword3222d ago

I had to bubble you guys up! LOL!

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