Sony PS3 shortage looms

Jack Tretton said he expects the price cuts and a lineup of popular games due ahead of the Christmas holiday will lift the entire video game industry, following some six months of sales declines.

"In a very difficult economy, I couldn't be more optimistic about our fortunes for the rest of the year and for the future," he said.

But he noted that higher demand for the PS3 could leave some retailers out of stock.

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wxer3099d ago

so many PPL buying the PS3 now
i think 299$ is a magic number for the PS3

FlipMode3099d ago

Expect to see similar news come Christmas.

zootang3099d ago

Play's Games
Play's Blu Ray
Play's Music
Play's Home

kagon013099d ago

You forgot you can order pizza online... IT DOES EVERYTHING!!!!

GrandTheftZamboni3099d ago

That's it? It doesn't do anything else? It Only Does Everything?

Rifle-Man3099d ago

Aaargh! Apostrophe abuse!

CryWolf3099d ago

WHAT!, Sony have a shortage of PS3s well they better get more then cause the holidays are just around the corner.

tripewire3099d ago

There is only one peice of software he can possibly be talking about.

zoom zoom!

boss_killa3099d ago

all hell will break loose.