Shooting Games - Lack of Innovation

Have shooters met the standards of our "Next-Generation" consoles?

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kapedkrusader3136d ago how when Killzone 2 came out it lost points from reviewers for not bringing anything new to the table, yet Halo 3: ODST is praised for keeping the FPS the same as it's predecessor.

Saaking3135d ago

Indeed, had Halo ODST been rated with the same "standards" they used on KZ2 it would have gotten a 6 or lower. Reviewers are just pathetic.

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KRONie3134d ago

of course reviewers gave it 10 star. MS probably paid them to make a review. you know how some people can't decide whether they like the game or not without someone telling them if the game is good or bad? well, that's pretty much most of fanbase for halo series, so here we are.

halo is not a great game. it's just a fad that gives couple million people a hard-on from the space marine suit. Bungee realised that all they have to do is change box design, a name, and skins to get a huge cashflow, and is now taking advantage of that, and it charges you, halo chimps a full-game price for an expansion pack. congratulations.

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Dutch Boogie3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

LOL killzone2 had alot of innovative gameplay elements yet Halo 3:ODST (aka expansion pack) brought nothing new to the table and still managed to receive high scores lol. The American gaming industry is a joke beyond belief and will remain so until the day M$ quits gaming altogether.

Funny how we never had a problem when gaming was just Sony and Nintendo. Two innovative company's who knew how to keep their mouths shut while giving props where credit was due. America loves M$ and until they go the way of the dodo, the American gaming industry will remain biased and delusional.

jhooty143135d ago

i love me some fps (cod) put i like a games that are diffrent too like uncharted and mgs4