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Submitted by HundredProofSam 2332d ago | review

IVG Review: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

IndianVideoGamer writes:
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves isn't perfect, but then again no game is or ever will be. The bottom line though is that no matter who you are or what kind of games you like, if you own a PlayStation 3, there isn't a game available yet, or any game that will come out in the remainder of this year – exclusive or multi-platform - that demands your attention more than this does. It is the pinnacle of story-telling in video games, as complete a single-player experience as you can ask for, and without a doubt, one of the greatest games ever made. (PS3, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves) 10/10

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GWAVE  +   2332d ago
Yet another amazing score.

Gamers who don't own a PS3 are really missing out on the majority of this year's must-play AAA games.
FlipMode  +   2332d ago
wxer   2332d ago | Spam
joydestroy  +   2332d ago
i can't wait to check out co-op and multiplayer! this game has everything
Syronicus  +   2332d ago
Basically speaking...
If you do not play this game, you are missing out on the best game this year. PERIOD.

If you disagree, you are a fanboy that hates games.
eagle21  +   2332d ago
Naughty Dog delivers again. :)
pharmd  +   2332d ago
"and without a doubt, one of the greatest games ever made."

preach on...

raztad  +   2332d ago
UC2 is getting massive praise from left to right. It' s good to see a big consensus about the quality of this game. You cant afford not to play it if you consider yourself a gamer, not even Bungie employees missed out this gem, why should you?
meepmoopmeep  +   2332d ago

i'll rent it

*ducks behind desk*


(ok, don't take this serious, doood, it's my most wanted game since MGS4)
CrazzyMan  +   2332d ago
Uncharted 2 is clearly a GOTY and AAA game
(+) No game has ever told a story so well
(+) The best looking console game. Period.
(+) Great mix of combat, stealth, platforming, and puzzle-solving
(+) By the way, it’s got co-op and competitive multi-player too

Anyone who rates ODST same or higher, than Uncharted 2 is clearly biased or halo fanboy(and still biased).
These 2 games are just in different leagues.

Uncharted 2 FTW! =)
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Cyrax_87  +   2331d ago
another perfect score
so why aren't they being added to metacritic? I've seen around 8 reviews for U2 but only 3 are up.
itchy18  +   2332d ago
ReviewsArePolitics  +   2332d ago
Hear that ,Gamereactor?
You're looking more retarded by the minute. The pinnacle of gaming, period.
itchy18  +   2332d ago
i didn't read gamereactor's review, can you tell me why they gave it an 8? were they nitpicking?
ReviewsArePolitics  +   2332d ago
They didn't even know what to say
-"Not enough puzzles" (he must think it's tetris)
-"Semi-stupid AI" (as opposed to semi-smart?)

All other review sites have said that the AI is fantastic and that the game is excellent, so at best he was nitpicking, but docking off two points is just plain retarded, especially when THE SAME REVIEWER game Halo ODST, a generic game with short campaign and rehashed multiplayer. Seriously?

Even worse, the guy from Gamereactor couldn't stop praising the game in the review anyway, he even said that U2 surpassed Spielberg in cinematic storytelling, so his 8 was either for hits or MSFT propaganda. What's worse is that the "Second Opinion" gave Uncharted a 10. Gamereactor is worthless.
S_Leonhart  +   2332d ago
UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves
GOTY 2009
Ron_Burgundy  +   2332d ago
even the best games of all time can get bad reviews, on metacritic one of the reviewers gave Goldeneye N64 a 78, the only bad review, so it serves as a reminder
El Botto  +   2332d ago
You hear that bots?
We have UNCHARTED 2, YOU DONT! Hahaha

What do you have?

You have Underwhelming ODST DLC. Hahaha
Sir Ken_Kutaragi  +   2332d ago
I'm SELLING my...
...xBox 360!!! ;-D

AHH...ONLY ON THE...'Triple'A'Station 3' You ChatBot Pondlife DLC Zombie Lemmings!!! ;-P
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jack_burt0n  +   2332d ago
1st uncharted was in my top ten games of all time 2 :)
CreepyB  +   2332d ago
has uncharted 2 got more perfect scores in a few hours than halo 3:nothd has got total?.
itchy18  +   2332d ago
nice name
Bumpmapping  +   2332d ago
Xtards will never have a game that looks or plays this good.
Alcohog  +   2332d ago
"without a doubt, one of the greatest games ever made"

danthegardner  +   2332d ago
Obama  +   2332d ago
"(+) No game has ever told a story so well
(+) The best looking console game. Period.
(+) Great mix of combat, stealth, platforming, and puzzle-solving
(+) By the way, it’s got co-op and competitive multi-player too"
BlackPrince 42  +   2332d ago
I love how the single player is already so fantastic that reviewers barely spend any time talking about how awesome the coop, competitive, and machinima modes are.
Bordel_1900  +   2332d ago
Very cool review, nicely written. Perfect score for an amazing game.
ps360master  +   2332d ago
cant wait . oct 13 me drake and a 12 pack. score ahaha
va_bank  +   2332d ago
You might want to rewrite that.
It sounds kind of.... wrong.
ps360master  +   2331d ago
that was the point lol
Hercules  +   2332d ago
again, im not bashing the game
but how in the hell did these no name grab a copy of the game early? i mean i never even heard of these sites..also i know 360 fanboys will use the "its a no name site so it doesnt count" and i can agree with that, the Metacritic has 3 reviews, but no avg score yet...its crazy...i will wait on the big sites (1up, gamespot, edge, etc..) and wait and see how to react..but obviously these sites will rate it high to get hits

again i am not bashing the game, because i already paid for it, just waiting for it, if not a midnight release, then a 10am release for if you disagree, please state why, otherwise, look forward to this great game, just had to take a break from the demo and catch up on some other things..its shame a demo has me hooked like crazy
therealwillie  +   2332d ago
might not be a well known site to you or me but its possible that its quite well known in india... hence why they got a copy of the game

edit, also i didn't disagree or agree
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Karooo  +   2332d ago
its one of the biggest gaming sites in india, with support from sony.
KiRBY3000  +   2332d ago
how does "no name" reviewers grab a copy of the game early?
"gold" games and test versions arent reserved for big time websites. developpers are free to send an early copy of their games to anyone they want.

there is this guy who has a blog called damonx.

it's just one guy behind the blog and he writes about stuff he likes, sometimes related to video games, sometimes not. he is eventually reviewing games. you can see on his front page he's got a test version for ODST. he says he picked it up at some Microsoft office.

he's been given a KZ2 press kit by Sony last year, 3 weeks before the game was officially released.

Sony games spread by word-of-mouth. im not surprised "no names" manage to get their hands on those precious versions. :)
therealwillie  +   2332d ago
@KiRBY3000 yeah i know,but you'd have to be somewhat popular, i got a copy of little big planet 3 weeks early just because i was putting up blogs about it on my bebo group (like facebook groups but a bit better)

@kartik21 well if its got support from sony thats just another reason for the "xbots" to complain isn't it
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mfwahwah  +   2331d ago
No name site? I've seen IVG on N4G pleeeeeeeenty of times, and their articles are always good. Don't judge something that way based on YOUR limited experiences (I don't mean that offensively, if it sounds that way).

And let's say it's a no name site. Let's say it's HUGELY unpopular. What if they had good reviewers, editors, etc? What if they were *quality* from the start. Don't judge so much, it's immature.
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FiftyFourPointTwo  +   2332d ago
"bu-bu-bu-but it sold 2 million copies in 24 hours!"
@free3sixty below
Whatever. Uncharted 2 >>>>>> ODST.
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free3sixty  +   2332d ago
"no need to have good looking games".. 360 gamers play their games ONLINE, just watch activity charts.. while a POS3 user must search 15 minutes to get into a KZ2 online game, LOL.

Anyways, uncharted2 will be a great game.. too bad that only the Sony Defense Force will buy this game, so all the droids here on n4g.. cause sales show us, that the casual consumer is not interestes in sonys exclusives and rather prefers multiplattform games.

GT5 without Porsche... epic fail!

EDIT: @ FIFITY.. i know it hurts ya tards HARD that there will NEVER BE a PS3 exclusive game that will sell 2 million copies in just 24 hours.... i mean the most hyped GAME this GEN KZ2 is at 1.9 Million right now after 6 months and 2 months platinum stadium, lol.

Of course you tards now say that 360 gamers have no games, thats why they buy this exclusiv... but tell me why multiplattform games sell ALWAYS MUCH more on the pos3 as sonys exclusiv games?

All games had to be bundled, all games got platinum after 6 months.. poor, poor, poor.. maybe your exclusiv games are really GOOD, but the world dont cares.. sales show us that ppl dont buy sonys games.
#13 (Edited 2332d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(10) | Report | Reply
OmarJA  +   2332d ago
8=====> Face...
FiftyFourPointTwo  +   2332d ago
As if we care about sales. We care about quality. Now shoo. Go play your 5-hour expansion flop.
weazel  +   2332d ago
dude, you're like a turd that just wont flush. You just keep on popping up, embarrassing everyone around. How is it only the "sony defense force" that'll buy this?
"the casual consumer is not interests in sonys exclusives" - 3 of my colleagues in work have bought a ps3 over the last month, with others toying seriously, so I figure they're 'interests'.
According to Nostradamus360 though, multiplats are the only way.
C'mon mystic meg...lets hear your swami predictions for the coming months.
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saimcheeda  +   2332d ago
u can tell
when a bot is on damage control when he starts talking a lot of crap, brings in the sales and keeps writing lol, lmao, rofl! and fully gets owned when the bots starts calling every1 nasim!
kaz-hirai  +   2332d ago
aww you getting butt hurt free3sixty ;-( ?

"i know it hurts ya tards HARD that there will NEVER BE a PS3 exclusive game that will sell 2 million copies in just 24 hours."

Hmm im sure your talking about HALO ODST or HALO 3.... But you chatboxes will buy anything with the word halo on it ;-D

Enjoy your sub HD game and your 54.2 percent machine ;-D While PS3 users enjoy the true next gen machine ;-D!!!!
joe75   2332d ago | Spam
Darkeyes  +   2332d ago
LMFAO.... You can always count of Freesh!tty to make you lol... Poor bots haven't had much to cheer about since Gamescom.. Even their beloved Halo lost the AAA status LMAO hence they resort to their knee jerk reaction SALEZ BUH TEH SALEZ....

Don't you see sh!tty head what 2 million of you morons just did... You basically said, come on game developers.. Come and f*ck us as we will happily pay 60$ for bloody expansions packs.. Yup... Something you stupid bots don't know sh!t about at the moment....

Go play sales... But answer this sh!tty... What do you want ODST to be called huh? You were proudly boasting of it being a full game... So do you want it to be called a full game.. Cause if yes, then it will give me the biggest bragging right of a Halo not even being AAA whereas KZ2 craps on it... If no, then you admit you had M$es d!ck in you and paid 60$ like 2 million of you moronic friends... Tell me, either ways you are in deep sh!t.

UNCHARTED 2 GOTG (last G=Gen). Not on the 360 & Not possible on the 360
lh_swe  +   2332d ago
An avid gamer will always buy the quality games
Whats is this bull about 2 million copies(KZ2), It hasn't even been out for a full year, those are some strong sales.

The fatc that they go platinum is to inform the casual gamer of the quality games for the system, not a move of desperation.

Halo will always sell like hotcakes, the 360 is aimed mainly at the Halo demographic, i.e that is why many people buy a 360. Sales don't make ODST better you douche, and yes I think Uncharted will sell really well, it has a lot of pre-orders already.

Multiplats selling better... well yes EA titles are amongs the most popular on both the PS3 AND 360, many titles outdoing exclusives like Fable 1+2, Crackdown & Mass Effect, the we have COD4 which is one of the best selling titles on both the PS3 & 360.
JonnyBigBoss  +   2332d ago
Accurate score!
Jac5al  +   2332d ago
NotoriousWarrior  +   2332d ago
@ Bumpmapping

They will if they JUMP IN on PS3 but i guess the reason they are called "Xbots, Xtards, Gaybots, Brainlessbots, controlledbots" is because they refuse to leave their 360 alone.

EDIT: add XFLOPS to those names.

Its amazing that i haven't made many comment and 3 people have ignored me...why all the hate?

@ free3sixty

seriously man, why are you commenting if the world doesn't care...o thats the comeback you had to a game called Uncharted 2.

o wait, Killzone 2 did sell less than WaW, MW, Halo and other games but guess what, its those that don't buy it that miss out not the ones buying it and if sales mattered then Sony would be making games of Halo and Gears level not Killzone and Uncharted...get it?

I gonna brag about my 2 million sales not about the great Graphics, quality, gameplay and so on. very impressive for someone that calls themselves a gamer.

you should go to sleep cos you have to go to your primary school tomarrow.
#16 (Edited 2332d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Yomiro  +   2332d ago
I don't know...
but maybe this how metal gear solid should have been made.
#17 (Edited 2332d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
cmrbe  +   2332d ago
I like MGS4 just the way it is. The only little complaint i have with MGS4 is the installition. Other than that its the perfect game, period.

Besides i want variety. Devs should always try their best at delivering their vision of their games and not try to conform to a standard.
mfwahwah  +   2331d ago
No. Diversity is the best thing we could ask for. MGS is as different as you can really get from UC2, and it's a masterpiece on it's own.
Aquarius  +   2332d ago
guys there will be an UNCHARTED 3 :)
cmrbe  +   2332d ago
the question is when. I have a feeling U3 will come out late in the PS3 lifecycle after a PS3 J&D when the ND engine 4.0 is ready.
mt  +   2332d ago
first one was amazing and yet U2 looks far better than the U1 . i can't imagine that O.o .
pokeystaples  +   2332d ago
These sites are just pouring in. I wish that they would wait and play the multiplayer a bit before turning in a review. I'm sure they got some in, but if you have a month why not play the hell out of it to give an in depth review? I'm taking these early reviews with a grain of salt. Still have it preordered. :)
nycredude  +   2332d ago
It's because Uncharted is all about the single player. That is how good the single player is. It warrants a purchase on it's own. the other stuff is just icing on the cake (alot of icing I might add), which shows how sad most other gaming packages are.
va_bank  +   2332d ago
They can play multiplayer now.
If the final release is anything like the Beta - we're in good shape. My one minor complaint is that in many games that I've been in, teams assignments are not well balanced.
pokeystaples  +   2332d ago
I cannot agree with you more. The matchmaking leaves a little to be desired. I just started playing so I'm only a level nine but I was matched with level thirties and up. Let's just say I died...a lot
#20.3 (Edited 2332d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
jack_burt0n  +   2332d ago
when the demo goes public it will be better, but sony better brace themselves alot of ppl are gonna be playing its gonna be nuts!!!
Crystallis  +   2332d ago
"and another one"
food86  +   2332d ago
wow what a great review. he reviewed the game for what it is and made no comparison to older or upcoming games. one of the best reviews ive read in a long time he also didn't gripe or offset the score for minimal errors, because as a whole he saw the game was more worthy of a 10. lol not like ign that gav it a 9.5 because the stealth didn't have a tutorial. lol if anything that tells me how bad they are at games not being able to figure simple things out.
uncharted deserves these 10's for what it achieves graphically, storywise, and gameplay wise, i mean isn't this what games are all about? so why give it anything lower if it exceeds in everything?
It even sets new benchmarks in gaming like the review said.
I just hope this game sells as well as it looks,and plays.
#22 (Edited 2332d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
free3sixty  +   2332d ago
i know you would like to have voice chat.. i know it.. everybody wants it online.. every PC gamer uses Teamspeak.. but only POS3 users say that they dont need it, lol.

Good that MS holds the patent.

YOu care about quality? So why do you bash halo3 ODST? Halo offers the BEST ONLINE EXPERIENCE and best gameplay, and this is known by everyone. SO whats your point about quality? You mean graphics right? Thats what pos3 owners can only talk about.

YOu talk about quality.. man.. then just go into the fuken stores and buy sonys QUALITY GAMES just like the MS community does ok??

Cause games like KZ2, inFamous( prototype killer, lol) and many more flopped all in sales.. this just shows that ppl do not care that REALLY MUCH aboout sonys quality games.

Its like you would bring 2000 bugatties on the market for 1 Million USD each and only 20 cars would be sold.. you would also say its quality right? yeah, you are right.. but it doesnt change the fact that THIS bugatti would be a flop, cause sales would show that RICH ppl dont care about this car.

EDIT: you talk about what a GAMER is? so for you a gamer cares about gameplay, quality, graphics and dont buys a game right?

360 owners are REAL gamers.

sry for my english ;)
#23 (Edited 2332d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
4pocalyps3  +   2332d ago
Actually the best online fps experience is COD4....MW2 when it comes out. Infamous was the Prototype killer, did you not see the reviews prototype got?

And anyway what are you doing in an Uncharted 2 review article? Do you not have anything else to do with your time seriously?

And don't worry about your english...I only criticise people about their english when they leave primary school :-)
#23.1 (Edited 2332d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Relientk77  +   2332d ago
(+) No game has ever told a story so well
(+) The best looking console game. Period.
(+) Great mix of combat, stealth, platforming, and puzzle-solving
(+) By the way, it’s got co-op and competitive multi-player too


free3sixty  +   2332d ago
and GT5 without Porsche is an epic fail...

Thats not quality.. crap DMG physics and only for a few cars = unfinished game, thats not quality.

So whats left in GT5? yeah.. once again.. just the graphics, lol! oh sry i forgot.. just the graphics from THE CARS.. cause the rest, envirnoment and so on looks like crap compared to Forza3.

Also your 1000 cars are in real 250 cars.. cause PD lists a Mercedes C-class 180,200,220 and 240 as 4 cars.. although its just 1 modell with 4 different motors.

Now, thats your 1000 cars.

@ below.. like i said.. in real you have just around 250 cars, cause PD lists a mercedes class with 4 different motors as 4 cars, lol.
You mention Rally? LOL.. sry but for Rally you have to play a codemasters game.
Day night cycle with weather which wont affect the driving is really cool, lol! And not to mention the poor DMG physics.

you will get a BETA game called GT5!
#25 (Edited 2332d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Darkeyes  +   2332d ago
720P vs 1080P... 1000 Cars, 16 cars on track... Day night cycle with whether..... Pushing 2wice as many polygons as Forza at 720P..... Rally...... On a singe disc.. LOL DVD9 FTW.... GT trade mark logo... Will kick the crap out of Forza in SALEZ (A topic hardly of concern to PS3 gamers, but more important than your mother for you)... Yup even GT5 demo outsold Forza 2 LMAO...

Definitive simulator nuff said... Professionals use GT FACT. Forza is driven by Mario kart designer to learn how to make springy physics. Plastic unrealistic look FTW....
weazel  +   2332d ago
Dear Oprah,
I know i shouldnt do it, but I just can't help replying to my own posts. Although some of the other forum posters tease me, give me wedgies, and steal my lunch money, I just cant seem to stop posting my illiterate pigeon-english gibberings. It's got so bad lately, that if i dont get angry responses within 12 minutes, I REPLY TO MYSELF! Is this perhaps the manifestation of my mommy touching me in my bikini area when I was little? It may also be symptomatic of a desperate cry for love, as my daddy didnt give me enough hugs.
Yours with three red rings of love,
#25.2 (Edited 2332d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
no_more_trolling  +   2332d ago
u guys notice no 360 only owner trolls the ps3 reviews.

good game, im a 360 owner, and i would get a ps3 for this
KiRBY3000  +   2332d ago
a HALO game has been released 2 days ago
they're busy.
Aquarius  +   2332d ago
the game is not even half a day long.
nycredude  +   2332d ago
no more trolling

Then what the heck are you doing here. Hurry up and go get a slim already. There is only 3 weeks left before this game releases so may i suggest to kill the time, go get Uncharted 1 for like $30 and bask in the awesomeness that is Uncharted.
TotalPS3Fanboy  +   2332d ago
Even trolls
can't deny the fact: Uncharted 2 = Second coming of God.
jack_burt0n  +   2332d ago
if it was an 8 they would set it as their homepage dont be naïve.
TheGuardianFID  +   2332d ago
Great Reviews,
It's getting them left and right, Game of the Decade Confirmed!!!:P :D
Jamescagney  +   2332d ago
[Insert opposing opinion here]
NotoriousWarrior  +   2332d ago
@ free3sixty

you are smart for a 10 year old.

but hey do you think they count every car as 4 cars? enviroments look better in Forza lol. look at the mountains in forza its like its covered with plastic and same with the ground but it might be just me as i see whats there.

If manufacturer's don't allow then to put damage into the game there is nothing PD can do about and if I was a manufacturer i would do the same they don't want to advertise a broken car do they? and the reason they let Forza do it cos it looks like plastic and everyone knows that.

NFS: S looks better in graphics that Forza, i don't know about content, gameplay but if they are giving NFS a low score for its graphics then i don't see Forza getting higher than 8 for its graphics.

Sim are the hardest games to develop and spending 2 years on it speaks of its quality. They need to licence cars, make it exactly the way they are in real life and make it run the way they are in real life. i don't think thats and easy job but hey MS just wants your money so you might aswell give it to them.

Did you get a free 360 and Sony didn't give you a free PS3 and you are taking it out on them by saying things about their games...very childish as expected of you.

EDIT: A gamer is someone that plays games and not bash other games. i ain't no gamer n, never was and never will be but i can see the different between sh!t and quality seriously man i know you are pissed off about not having a PS3 and your parents refuse to buy you one but that doesn't mean you should hate it.
#29 (Edited 2332d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Piccolo  +   2332d ago
Cant wait to play it
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