Batman - Prey in the Darkness DLC - PS3 Exclusive in US

WorthPlaying is reporting that the new Batman: Arkham Asylum Prey in the Darkness will be a PS3 exclusive DLC in North America. It will be available for PS3 and Xbox 360 for gamers outside of North America.

"The new content will be available beginning Sept. 24 as a free download on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Marketplace in Europe, on PlayStation Network ONLY in North America."

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RainOfTerror3219d ago

hmm unless this is some whacky typo, US peeps are getting shafted.

gamesR4fun3219d ago

and they should b used to it by now :P j/k

no doubt its timed exclusive here if there releasing it on the 360 in the UK

btw can you make a uk account on the 360 like u can the ps3 cause then they could jus dl it...

Roper3163219d ago

@ 1.1 but DLC is region locked even on the PS3. So he would need a EU version of the game to use their DLC in the US.

FamilyGuy3219d ago

DLC is NOT region locked on the PS3

SevWolf3219d ago

@ family guy: DLC IS, games are NOT....I know this cause I downloaded one of the free costumes for LBP off my eu account and it didn't show in my game( US version), then I downloaded the same outfit off the US store and it worked

BRG90003219d ago

Interesting, looks like Sony has been sneaking peeks at Microsoft's playbook. It's strange that if a deal was struck for exclusivity to PS3 in the US though, this wasn't publicized before the game came out to sell more copies on PS3 vs. 360.

Megaton3219d ago

SevWolf is correct, DLC is region locked on the PS3, games are not. You have to own the game from the same region as the DLC.

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Syriel3219d ago

Nope, no typo.

You live in North America, you only get the DLC if you play on PS3.

You live in Europe and you can play on either platform.

Kamikaze1353219d ago

Don't get me wrong, I love exclusive PS3 content, but why this? exclusive map is enough, if you ask me.

Raoh3219d ago

I'm generally against exclusive content.. either make the game exclusive or not at all..

But being that batman is so good, i like that ms fans get a taste of their own medicine.

IaMs123219d ago

Yah its true sony got back at it but just in North America is a little odd, i thought NA wasnt the world, so why just there? Probably the largest install base of the 360 is there but still. Anyways the PS3 is getting Fallout DLC and everything so far the only exclusive DLC 360 has is the GTA.

Funny thing tho, Sony boys will praise this, but bring hell to MS for doing is

Raoh3219d ago

It is odd but not new..

there are some PSN/XBLA games that are multi releases in japan an EU but exclusive to microsoft in america..

could be a publishing thing..

N4M3L3553219d ago

I mostly agree with your last comment, but I think there's a small difference. Sony fanboys normally get mad b/c MS pays for exclusivity. Sony may do the same, but we never hear about it.

infamous_273219d ago


Really, What games?

Raoh3218d ago

wasnt gti club multi platform for all regions except the u.s. where it was exclusive to xbla?

I remember there was a list of a few titles like this..

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zootang3219d ago

gaming should be enjoyed by all. tut! tut! Sony. lowering themselves to Microsofts level

3219d ago
Roper3163219d ago

I agree all the content for a MP game should be available to all consoles, But I guess Sony is fighting fire with fire which is a shame that they lower themselves to MS tactics.

This will probably end up on the 360 just like the GTA DLC will probably be available on the PS3 6-12 months after the Gay Tony DLC releases. The GTA contract won't be over until all the DLC is released and the time frame elapses.

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