Game Podunk: Suikoden Tierkreis Review - A Story of Possibilities

Overall Recommendation:
Amazing story with tedious gameplay and great production values make this a must-play for those who enjoy a good tale but have the patience to muddle through boring battles.

Suikoden Tierkreis (ST) is a turn-based RPG. True to the series roots, you have a large cast of characters to recruit to your army, and you set up base in an abandoned castle. The story is a unique, creative, and engrossing one, that will have you anxious to find out what happens next in much the same way that a good mystery novel will.

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skygear753219d ago

I played the first 3 Suikodens on PS and PS2 and I know the series never disappoint on story. Looking forward to playing Suikoden Tierkreis on NDS.

rrquinta3219d ago

I plan on playing the first one since this was my first of the series and you can get it so cheap on PSN (and I can play it on my PSP). :) Especially if you say the story never disappoints as I think this game had one of the best stories of any game I've played.

TheLiztress3214d ago

I've played the first one a little and enjoyed it. If I had a DS, this game would be a part of my library.