Sony's Conference is Today, Here are the Times

Sony's conference is set to start at 10:30 AM in Tokyo on September 24th, but it's already September 24th in Japan, so here are the times the conference starts in the major timezones.


Times have been updated, were slightly wrong.

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Noctis Aftermath2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

Time it starts at the major timezones:

6:30pm (Sept 23)- Pacific Standard Time (PST)
9:30pm(Sept 23)- Eastern Standard Time (EST)
2:30am(Sept 24) - British Summer Time (BST)
3:30am(Sept 24) - Central European Time (CET)
11:30am(Sept 24)- Australian Eastern Standard Time (Syd/melb/bris specifically)
*Adelaide/Darwin time: 11:00am
*Perth time: 9:30am
10:30am(Sept 24)- Japanese Standard Time (JST)
1:30am(Sept 24)- Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

But click on the link anyway, there's a pic of a good looking asian girl.

edit: the sydney time was wrong, also added GMT (correct me if i'm wrong)

St02922d ago

2:30am UK time :O, I dunno if i'll be able to stay awake that long lol.

Will there be a live steam for the conference anywhere?

ChozenWoan2922d ago

So lets see...

17:30 (Sept 23)- Pacific Standard Time (PST) = 19:30 Central Standard Time (CST)
21:30 (Sept 23)- Eastern Standard Time (EST) = 20:30 Central Standard Time (CST)

Ok now I'm confused.
Just tell me what time it is GMT and I'll figure the rest out.

gaffyh2922d ago

Doesn't seem like it, seems like there will be liveblogs, but no video :(

Reibooi2922d ago

Lets hope they have something good(Alot of indications seem to say they will) I will be staying up to see what they got.

peeps2922d ago

don't fancy staying up early when i'm not expexting anything big anyway lol

N4GAddict2922d ago

Not bad. 6:30 pm for me.

Bordel_19002922d ago


Go to bed now and get up at 02:30 BST

Lifendz2922d ago

I expect GT5 to be announced for later this year. Hopefully in time for the holidays.

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gaffyh2922d ago

Eurogamer are doing a live blog and I think Kotaku, can't find details on any other websites, and Gamespot seems to not even have their TGS page up yet 0_o

Noctis Aftermath2922d ago

I doubt any site will provide a live stream, to many people would want to watch, that's why they go with blogs, lets just hope they can get the vids on youtube fast.

Lifendz2922d ago

for anything Sony related. Kotaku is actually less biased nowadays than that site.

gaffyh2922d ago

1up and IGN usually do have liveblogs, so may be they will update with a link soon.

ll_UNDERSCORE_ll2922d ago

Anyone know if theres live coverage (english) streaming available online ???

Sangria2922d ago

I was wondering the same thing.

Noctis Aftermath2922d ago

+bubble for link, will try it out and hope they have a live feed.

matnum2922d ago

is this going to stream in English?

Microsoft Xbox 3602922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

What happened MS, no keynote? JRPG devs declining your exclusivity checks? Lulz

chidori6662922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

look in 0.10

and the chaos begins! DAMAGE CONTROL OF BOTS.

LiViNgLeGaCY2922d ago

I heard MS was having a conference too were they not? I could possibly be wrong but I thought I saw somewhere state they were having one too.

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