G4TV TGS 09: Electronic Arts Tokyo Showcase Report

G4TV writes: We were live at Electronic Art's Tokyo Showcase event in Japan earlier today (in Tokyo time), where the publisher kicked off by showing its DS-exclusive ninja game for the DS called Tsumuji (which translates to whirlwind). It's in development at EA Japan. l heard about this game earlier this year but this is the first time EA's shown anything. The gameplay is stylus-based and has you learning to become a ninja. The art is very relaxed, clearly aimed at children. Rex Ishibashi, general manager of EA Japan, briefly discussed Tsumuji before transitioning to FIFA 10."

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Kamikaze1353221d ago

I thought it started on the 27? Lol....well, that's cool! I hope they announce a few titles that'll get English releases. I know Yakuza 3 was kinda confirmed, but I want to hear it straight out of Sony's or Sega's mouth. They should also announce an English release for Yakuza 4! I don't care if they keep the Japanese voices like they did in Yakuza 2...I just want to play through it because I love the story and the awesome gameplay.