Shift: Better Damage On Xbox 360

TSA: TSA reader ghosthunter68 emailed in asking if we were going to have a look at the damage variation in Need For Speed: Shift. Seeing as how Tom (who reviewed the game) and I only have the PS3 versions, we actually had no idea the Xbox 360 version had much better damage modeling, but I've just belatedly seen the Youtube comparison video (below) and have to say, the difference in body deformation is massive.

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The Creep3249d ago

hmm interesting

i like the music though

mrv3213249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

Gametrailers doing a comparison vidoe involving the same game on PS3 and 360 exploring the crashes... this can only end well.

EDIT: A bit unfair since it's a bug, I'd like this video taken down and re-done with an apology, that would be sufficient and something worthy of doing.

no_more_trolling3249d ago

lets boycott these flaimbait crap "news"

im a 360 only owner and i am annoyed now

ima stop visiting this site, ima remove it from my bookmarks now, this site is now a joke

Sk8boyP3249d ago

This site has been consumed by fanboys. Headlines changed to induce Fanboyism, PS3 Sales articles posted in the 360 section and vice versa. It's really sad to see gaming doing the opposite of what it should be doing, which is bringing people together. I have a 360 and hope that PS3 users greatly enjoy Uncharted 2. I won't go spamming the Gamer Zone with a flamebait article, I'll just be content. Gaming is seeing some pretty bad times now , it's not just about Activision charging 10 bucks more in UK or EA rehashing Madden 10. It's ALL about gamers playing TOGETHER and having a VOICE. But people are too busy with attacking each other over video game exclusivity.

Unicron3249d ago

Wow Sk8, I agree with you.

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