IncGamers - DJ Star Review

IncGamers' Tim McDonald turns his DS into a deck with DJ Star.

From the review: "It might be cynical of me to think that DJ Star is a cash-in on the current DJ craze in videogames, but can you blame me? It releases a little while before DJ Hero, it comes at a time when there's an outpouring of news regarding DJs in games, it's on the DS – which, much as I love it and much as it has brilliant games, is still the system that lords over the sewer of shitty shovelware – and it's named similarly enough to DJ Hero that it might trick a few grandmothers into buying it for their beloved grandchildren because they think it's that pop music game thing little Billy wanted for his GameStation 5."

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Dorjan3369d ago

OMG :lol: bubble burst already?