Gearbox Discusses 'Borderlands' New Game Plus, Total Length

MTV Multiplayer writes:

"I've spent around 5 or 6 hours with the preview build of "Borderlands." The only reason I haven't spent more time is because the preview build ends. You basically stop getting new quests and can't progress into new zones, as everything's locked off. It's for the best, but the fact that I've played through all that content several times over with different classes is a testament to how much I've enjoy myself. It undoubtedly hits that "Diablo" nerve that makes you not want to put the controller down.

Anyway, given the amount of time I've spent with the game, I was curious just how much meat will be in the final version. Speaking with Mikey Neumann, the Creative Director at Gearbox Software, I found out some rather interesting tidbits about just how long you'll be spending on the twisted planet of Pandora."

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