WorthPlaying: Mini Ninjas Review

WorthPlaying writes: "What would you call a classic adventure/action/platformer button-mashing ninja game created with childlike wonder in mind? Yeah, I'd called it Mini Ninjas, too. Despite the simple name, simple gameplay, simple objectives and simple graphics, Io Interactive's new title is brilliant, for the most part. Imagine this gentle, elegant, playful, funny and, yes, adorable title from the studio that brought us the controversially violent, amoral Kane & Lynch and several games in the Hitman franchise. These mature-oriented games have their fans, certainly, but I think Io may have found its true calling in, my stars, entertainment fun for the whole family. Perhaps they just needed some therapeutic decompression after envisioning all those scenes of bloody slaughter and total carnage. In any event, these Danes have a bona fide ESRB-rated "E" winner on their resumes, and they deserve every accolade for."

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