GTA 4: Anti Aliasing with ENB Series Mod

A new ENB Series Mod integrates Anti Aliasing into GTA 4. The game originally doesn't support the visual enhancement. The mod is easy to install and easy to remove again.

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Perjoss3193d ago

I find it quite strange that the 360 version had anti aliasing but the PC version does not.

renegade3193d ago (Edited 3193d ago )

GTA4 AA is awful anyway...

champ213192d ago (Edited 3192d ago )

the 360 version was barely 720p. running on low res textures.

the game doesnt have AA on any of the platforms.

AA wasnt implemented because its a console game and consoles are limited in what they can do. Had it originally been a PC game AA would have surely been there(though only for the pc version.. consoles cant handle AA well).

free2game3653192d ago

API limitations. GTA4 uses deferred shading so it can't use AA in DX9 (the 360 uses a custom version of DX9 that allows for AA), and the developers never implemented DX10 into the game.

Charmers3192d ago

No that isn't true the Dx9 that the Xbox uses is practically the same as the PC version. The only difference is the Xbox version has been tweaked to make use of the unified memory architecture.

The Xbox does have dedicated hardware to do 2 x AA but it CANNOT be used with games that use deferred rendering. You can only do AA with deferred rendering with the Full Dx10 and Dx10 hardware. The 360 has neither so it is totally impossible for the xbox to have had 2xAA with GTA 4.

This myth about the 360 having AA in GTA 4 is just that a myth people assume that since it has hardware to do 2xAA then it must have 2xAA that is not the case.

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steve30x3192d ago

I tried this and it only makes the game look worse on my rig. My gaming rig is no slouch.