OXCGN's Forza 3 September Update #8 1st DLC Announced & Ferrari Italia 458

OXCGN continues it's extensive coverage of Forza 3 with another update. Even more Ferrari's revealed.


"This update is the last of the Ferrari Madness Updates for September. Soon Turn 10 will start on one of the one main stables of cars in the game, my money is on either Porsche or BMW, as both of those have extensive liveries and models to include in this iteration of Forza 3.

Something to note though is that the Ferrari Stable, the full stable, will be available for download via DLC Pack come this holiday season, basically December 09. As the game is released in October 23rd (PAL territories 27th in NTSC Territories).

WHat we have for you today though is Ferraris 2010 Italia 458 which has just been released and willno doubt become a popular model for Ferrai world wide. To give you an idea of what to expect, check out the video of the Ferrari Italia 458 that will appear in Forza 3, remembering this is taken from a composite of actual gameplay, not cgi created video."

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XboxOZ3603218d ago

I fear MS's servers are going to get hit really hard today when the Demo is activated on XboxLIVE.

We'd love to hear from gamers regarding their thoughts on the demo, well constructed ones (demo impressions) might even get published . .

XboxOZ3603218d ago

The demo is released 24th PST, not AEST sadly, we get disc worldwide releases 'first', but not DLC . . . that is based on US time slots, not international date line time frames.

We had Halo ODST a full 16-20 hrs before Nth America and around 10-11 hours before UK/Europe. Even with Forza 3's 23rd Release date in PAL territories, NZ will get it first, then Australia, Asia, Europe with Nth America following on 4 days later (27th)

Godem3218d ago

I hope they release the rumored 'Holden and Ford' pack early..... (these are the non V8 supercars im talking about)

XboxOZ3603218d ago

There's no Ford/Holden packs according to Turn 10, just the Ford/Holden Supercars. Wendt was interviewed and he stated that while he V8 Supercars were in Forza 3, there was no plans for the Holden or Ford at this time.

eclectified3217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

I also heard they weren't releasing those, but that they 'could' at a later date.

I hope all these car packs aren't going to make it impossible to get into an online race like in Forza 2. "You didn't throw more money at us so you can't play" is ridiculous when we already have to spend $60USD on the game.
If we can actually race against the DLC cars without buying the pack, I'll be a happy driver.