GayGamer Review: Weapon of Choice

GayGamer writes: "It's no secret that I am in love with the indie games section in the Xbox Live marketplace. But when indie games first appeared on the Xbox 360 as community games I, as well as most other people, had no idea what to expect from them. The community games needed a killer app, a game to set the standard for great indie games on the Xbox. That game was Weapon of Choice. Nearly a year after its release, Weapon of Choice is still ranked as one of the best indie games on the Xbox 360. I'll take some suspense out of the review right now, Weapon of Choice is good. How good? Well, I can't tell you everything in the introduction now can I?"

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Alcon Caper3248d ago

I think this game is like a side-scrolling Gain Ground, where you cam rescue characters while you're playing and then play as them in subsequent levels.

But you can also lose characters that you'd eventually have to rescue to use them in the future.

It looks great! I'm probably gonna get this soon...