Happy 120th Birthday, Nintendo

Way back on September 23, 1889, a businessman in Kyoto named Fusajiro Yamauchi started a company called "Nintendo Koppai" to manufacture a type of Japanese playing card, called hanafuda. In the six-score years since, while Nintendo still makes playing cards in Japan, the company has become slightly better-known for its line of electronics.

You owe it to yourself to read about the history of the Nintendo Company. Now valued at over US$85 billion, they're easily one of the most recognized videogame companies in the world. But along the road to that destination, they tried some… interesting ideas, including instant rice and love hotels. Fortunately for kids and videogame geeks everywhere, Fusajiro Yamauchi's grandson Hiroshi put the company on the path that led to its rise in the global electronic gaming market.

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Lucreto3221d ago

120 years not many companys can say that.

wxer3221d ago

damn thats a lot

i think nintendo is a great gaming company along with Sony

good job nintendo

miles-prower3221d ago

Happy 120th Birthday Ninty

Nineball21123221d ago

Pretty amazing how some of the biggest companies in the world got their starts... interesting...

na-no-nai3221d ago

happy 120th birthday
cant believe they were anything else beside a game company

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The story is too old to be commented.