Batman: Prey in the Darkness Map Pack Announced

Eidos Interactive today announced the Prey in the Darkness Map Pack, a new downloadable map pack offering two additional Challenge Maps for the critically acclaimed Batman: Arkham Asylum action adventure title.

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ThisPlaceSucksBye3250d ago

2 times they've done free DLC.
If they prepare some more in the future, and if it has a price, I'll pay it.
These type of developers are the ones we should support.

KionicWarlord2223250d ago

THe game was a big hit .

It`s great there doing this .

RedMist113250d ago

Rocksteady really have done a great job with this game, looking forward to their future releases.

Lifendz3250d ago

but I want custom Bat suits. Tim Burton's Batman being chief among these. But I love it when a dev gives back after their game is supported well.

TenSteps3250d ago

I loved Arkham Asylum looking forward to these maps

bds13133250d ago

This is one game everyone should get....

Cheeseknight283250d ago

Here's hoping for classic Batman sound effects as later DLC. (From the Adam West TV show of course)