LOTR Online Devs Working on Console MMO

Game Informer:

"While this generation of consoles has brought online multiplayer gaming forward by leaps and bounds, one genre has been sorely misrepresented - the MMORPG. While these games continue to thrive on PC, they're almost nonexistent on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. Developer Turbine has experience in the genre thanks to the Lord of the Rings Online games, and they're planning on bringing a new MMORPG to gamers' living rooms in 2011."


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Dorfdad3042d ago

You know Im so tired of hearing this crap! Honestly there were like 5 MMO's planned for 360 that all have been canceled. I suppose this will be another one that doesn't make it. Also 2011 is a Horrible time to come out with it. I mean another 2 1/2 years into the 360's life cycle!? I mean if anything they should be making this for the PS3 or the 360's successor and not that stupid Natal failure.

Also I know the game is from turbine and no console was stated however Turbine has Microsoft Roots so I assume its meant for 360.

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