How Xbox 360 Can Conquer Japan - Tokyo Game Show 2009

From the feature article:

"Over the past few years, Microsoft has claimed a sizable presence at the Tokyo Game Show (known as TGS). In Japan, they've been in last place for both the original Xbox and the Xbox 360. There's no doubt in anyone's mind that Microsoft has tried to make their presence known within the "Great Console War." Today, we are going to discuss what we think Microsoft should do to steal the thunder back from its rivals and continue pushing forward with their support of the Japanese market. Taking a quick look at Microsoft's short history at TGS since 2005, it's evident they have been up and down the past few years with their conferences. In 2005, Microsoft used the Tokyo Game Show as a platform to showcase their launch titles for the Xbox 360 and announce Ninety-Nine Nights (N3). The following year, Microsoft stepped up their game and showed off Blue Dragon to the masses. Not only was their showing of Blue Dragon successful, but it helped give Microsoft a better image on the role-playing game front."

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Valkyrie833165d ago

Even though it may be impossible for the Xbox 360 to ever gain serious ground in Japan it's still cool to think about the options MS has, great article guys!

GWAVE3165d ago

I certainly want Microsoft to ATTEMPT to "conquer Japan" (more games for us gamers), but let's be serious. Microsoft will not conquer Japan this generation. They've already tried for years and failed. They've got into bed with some of the biggest JRPG developers with exclusives and timed exclusives, and they STILL are getting the crap kicked out of them.

Microsoft Xbox 3603165d ago

No amount of exclusives and hentai can save the 360 in Japan.

Alcon Caper3165d ago

Powerstone HD or even a complete remake of the game would be a great addition that would help the 360 in Japan.

Persona 5 would be a welcomed addition, but since it would most likely be on the PS3 as well, it wouldn't help the 360 stand out.

I think it'd have to be something really new and innovative, like a game directed by Hayao Miyazaki or something like that. I think they need to strike at the core of Japanese pop culture to make a difference there.

...could you imagine a Mononoke or Howl's Moving Castle title directed by Miyazaki? It'd be a freaking smash.

SupaPlaya3165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

to MS, they really tried. Even though the tactics may be questionable to some, they tried hard.

I would hope Sony tried as hard as MS in the marketing department. Their latest ad (it only does everything) is pretty good.

If they can market Uncharted to the likes of Halo, it will be great. God knows ND deserves it.

rCrysis3165d ago

its not impossible. they just have to give 360's away. for free!!

even then, people would still buy a $299 PS3 though XP

Mr_Bun3165d ago

All I can say to MS is...GOOD LUCK!

Sarcasm3165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

Once FFXIII hits this december for PS3, is it really going to matter what MS does in Japan?

Bodyboarder_VGamer3165d ago

MS had Star Ocean, Tales of Vespeira, Blue Dragon and tons of other jrpg exclusively and they didn't do sh1t. My point is, for MS to gain any ground in Japan over the PS3 it's just impossible...

wxer3165d ago

personaly i think the 360 is dead in Japan

kalebgray923165d ago

will come out a year later and way better

CrazzyMan3165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

A Man can dream, can`t he?)))

But let`s be realistic, Final Fantasy XIII and Gran Turismo 5, what M$ can put against these 2 juggernauts? =)

TotalPS3Fanboy3165d ago

Like Microsoft can conquer Japan. That's just ridiculous.

gaffyh3165d ago

There is only one way...get an Xbox 360 exclusive Final Fantasy from Square Enix. It has to be a numbered FF and it HAS to be exclusive, nothing else works.

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SpoonyRedMage3165d ago

Whoever wrote that article is plain delusional...

and to address the title MS will never conquer Japan. The best they can hope for is not to be curb-stomped.

UltimaEnder3165d ago

Obviously you didn't even read the article, as you posted your fanboyish reply within 1 minute of it going up; it never says that Microsoft can actually conquer Japan - just that these are the things they need to do at TGS 2009 to start going down that road.

It's obvious to everyone involved that Sony owns Japan, Microsoft runs the United States, and Europe is caught someone in the middle - only time will tell who will ultimately come out on top, I do know however that the Xbox 360 is currently owning the PS3 in overall hardware and software sales; bam bam!

SpoonyRedMage3165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

No, I did read it and my comment was posted four minutes after the article was submitted but seriously Persona 5 and Phantom Brave 2? You'd have to be crazy to even think that would happen.

Also look at my comments history or ask pretty much anyone. I'm definitely not Anti-MS.

Hehe, it's funny that you think I am.

@V: I think it's easier to point out that I don't own either of Sony's current gen systems but I do own a 360 and am a big fan of Mistwalker...

Lucreto3165d ago

I can vouch for SpoonyRedMage he is not anti-MS more pro-RPG.

I doubt Persona 5 will appear on the 360 exclusively with Persona 1 and Persona 3 on the PSP. It might be multiplatform we will wait and see.

raztad3165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

I dont like to call people names nor to be called, but x-fans like UltimaEnder are the ultimate annoying fanboy. The one that inmediately call fanboy other gamers when he doesnt agree with them. That is quite recurrent here.

See how Spoony (a well known xbox owner) is called Ps3 fanboy just because he is stating his honest opinion. Funny stuff.

BTW, hardly MS stands any chance in Japan. It's not just the software (the JRPG xbox offering has been better than PS3' s so far ) it' s their shoddy hardware and I think the massive initial Wii moment played a big role as well. Japanese were way too excited for the wand thing to pay attention to MS (and a lesser extend PS3' s) jrpg games.

From this point on, Sony got the upperhand with the slim + price cut + FFXIII. Persona 5 wouldnt be released outside the PS brand. Atlus and Sony have been very close this gen.

Blaze9293165d ago

I dont think you have the right to be pointing fingers and playing that fanboy card...

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renegade3165d ago

Even with that is not possible to pass ps3 in JAPAN...

gerol3165d ago

ive just said PROBABLY...
im so upset, too many disagrees for me.. :(

Gabe EatsWell3165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

Too late MS, FFXIII is going to be released there in December so good night 360.

Demon55003165d ago

WEll Final fantasy is not the only game Ms have, They wont conker japan But If they keep selling 360 there its a win none the less, 3 million is good if they drop the price more Im am shore it will go well and what if natal blows japan away that would be a real win:)

renegade3165d ago

Yep that will be the Fatality, Mortal Kombat stile for 360 in JAPAN.

BubbleSystemSuck3165d ago

i think Xbox 360 can conquer the world if Xbox Live is FREE, if you can change your HDD easy, if you can use ANY headset... and if the games cost you 50 USD.

renegade3165d ago

Yeah that's exactly now ps3

Sarcasm3165d ago

"i think Xbox 360 can conquer the world if Xbox Live is FREE, if you can change your HDD easy, if you can use ANY headset.."

and and and put a Blu-Ray drive, and built-in WiFi and and and...

SupaPlaya3165d ago


Even then, it doesn't do everything :D

kapedkrusader3165d ago get a Xbox 360 add-on for the PS3.

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