Real Life Gears Of War 2 Lancer Replica Coming February 2010

Have an annoying neighbor that maybe needs a little intimidating? Need to scare some kids off your lawn? Want to put the wife in place? TriForce has the perfect solution in the 1:1 replica of the feared chainsaw assault-rifle called The Lancer.

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Nelson M3222d ago

And ChainSaw a Few Thousand BoTs Clean in Half and Shoot me a Few Thousand More
Thy Silly Little BoTs

Nelson M3222d ago

Gaming History
By the Way !!!!

EvilCackle3221d ago

The worst weapon in gaming history was the Klobb from GoldenEye. Or 90% of the melee weapons in first person shooters.

typikal823222d ago

Wow, $949!!!!!

Glad I didn't get the $150 one.

EvilCackle3221d ago

At least the plastic one came with the game and you could actually play with it. This one's so expensive that you'd probably never let anyone near it.

CreepyB3221d ago

hmmm... maybe this will be more fun than the actual game.