TGS 2009: Who will win the battle?

GB writes: "So folks Tokyo Games Show is almost here. Now its a well known fact that this generation has been the best of gaming and we still dont have a clear winner as far as hardcore gaming is concern. The Wii is way ahead of the competition. So this event is very important for Microsoft and Sony. Here is what we expect the two companies will announce at TGS 2009."

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Gabe EatsWell3166d ago

No doubt. Give us GT5 release date please.

tuglu_pati3166d ago

I have no doubt that Sony will take TGS.

CaptainAmerica3166d ago

Release date: December 2012 CONFIRMED

Sarcasm3166d ago

I wasn't aware there was even a battle lol

It's all Sony at TGS

I did not murder him3166d ago

Maybe because of the hype of having a conference and the smoke and mirrors such as this:

But MSFT will show the goods over hype as always.

ErcsYou3166d ago

Sega will win !!.. give me those dreamcast and saturn ports!!

All jokes aside, Sony has some HUGE games coming up and they are looking to steal the show..

dalibor3166d ago

Dead wrong. Obviously it's going to be Seeeega & Atari!!
I hope people realize I was joking. As for who is going to win we shall see. Prob Sony but do not underestimate your rivalries.

Sarcasm3166d ago

"But MSFT will show the goods over hype as always. "


slayorofgods3166d ago

The more effort Microsoft puts into the region the more they lose. We all thought Microsoft won before when they stole Sony's jrpgs. But really they lost big time. What can they possible offer at the Tokyo game show this year that will even matter.

Who will win? Only people in the U.S. even see this at a competition. Microsoft has lost that region and failed to gain a foot hold time and again.

I did not murder him3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

All it will take for MSFT is to announce a few new IPs, announce sequels to older IPs and show off some Natal software. Even though Japan and PS3 fanboys will think Sony will win/won no matter what the rest of the world will know MSFT won.

Maybe another surprise like *Metal Gear Solid Rising*(which I predicted when no one believed me while attacking at the same time) or *War Devil* is in store. FF versus?

Syronicus3166d ago

Of course they will. They will have Natal, which we all know is not over hyped. They will show Milo! No hype there!

Sorry, but Sony won TGS the day TGS was announced. Its just that simple.

Information Minister3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

It's funny how Kotaku can now tell the difference so easily between in-game and CGI. Because three months ago they couldn't:

N4G king3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

"All it will take for MSFT is to announce a few new IPs, announce sequels to older IPs and show off some Natal software. Even though Japan and PS3 fanboys will think Sony will win/won no matter what the rest of the world will know MSFT won. "

You are the most delusional 360 fanboy I've ran in to in this web site

And yah
You wana talk about smoke and mirrors ??
Funny that you ignore the fact the Microsoft is doing this thing the whole time
Here you go
here is your smoke and mirrors

Peter Molyneux saying its not acting
Yet the girls catches looks fake
And the reflection on the water part (when she touches the water ) starts even before she moves her hands

So please stop accusing sony as if it is the only company that dose CGI
At least that was in game engine
even forza's trailers and pics are CGI
and by the way is Microsoft is doing so much good
it looks like the last TGS's are not doing much good to them
the 360 is competing with the PS2 in Japan

callahan093166d ago

"All it will take for MSFT is to announce a few new IPs, announce sequels to older IPs and show off some Natal software. Even though Japan and PS3 fanboys will think Sony will win/won no matter what the rest of the world will know MSFT won."

Oh, that's all? Just show a few new IPs, new sequels to older IPs and have some more Natal software to show? Gee, that sounds like a piece of cake! It also sounds like something that Sony's obviously not capable of doing!

Oh. Sorry. My sarcasm got stuck in the on position for a second there. Sony's got new IP, they've got sequels, and they've got their motion controller to demo. So even if Microsoft pulls through with new IP of their own, with more sequels announced, and with some Natal software, that won't win the event for them, because they're not going to be alone in doing all that.

I did not murder him3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

Will Sony announce games barely on the drawing board that are 3 years from launch?

Will Sony create more CGI or touched up trailers leaving fanboys to speculate spreading misinformation?(Kind of like Sony using fanboys to do Sony's viral marketing based on fictional selling points)

Will Sony purposely give false release dates?

That kind of thing.

Syronicus3166d ago

Apparently so.

Thank god.

slayorofgods3166d ago

@few new IPs; Microsoft already failed with exclusive rights to tales of Versperia and all of SE games including SO4. ToV has already sold better on the PS3 a year after being released on the 360 as an exclusive.

@sequels to older IPs; Game developers are unlikely to give exclusive rights again to the 360 after failing the first time. S05 will be released on the PS3 as well.

@Natal software; too similar to Wii software and very unlikely to lure in the non gamers the same way.

@Even though Japan and PS3 fanboys will think Sony will win/won no matter what the rest of the world will know MSFT won.
Actually its all about what Japan thinks, its its own region and isn't the rest of the world.

@Metal Gear Solid Rising. Refer to Tales of Verperia sales.

gaffyh3166d ago

I can't believe "I did not murder him" (aka N4PS3G/Cold 2000) is THAT retarded.

"But MSFT will show the goods over hype as always. "

^Yeah like they did at GamesCom where they announced 1 game, and showed nothing. Also it was unanimously agreed that Sony announced and showed the best games at E3, but xbox fanboy websites gave the crown to Microsoft because "they had a better show", due to the celebrities. I don't care about celebrities, I care about games.

Yeah right MS is going to show the goods, when they don't even have a conference at TGS. /sarcasm

I said it before, all I want from MS is one game, Lost Odyssey 2, I couldn't give a sh*t about anything else, unless the announce some other huge game exclusive.

Weak_Sauce3166d ago

Microsoft duh. i mean they're only the best ever

TheBand1t3166d ago

You also said Lost Planet 2 was 360 exclusive, you idiot. So we'll just take whatever you say with a hearty laugh.

Information Minister3166d ago

Hey look! I_did_not_murder_him ran out of bubbles and created a new account (1.20). LMAO

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williamkenny3166d ago

I hope Microsoft have something to offer in the way of PC gaming. I mean, they pretty much own the pc genre, they need to exploit that.

gameseveryday3166d ago

i hope 360 has some great games at tgs!

Godmars2903166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

Windows might be the only platform for PC gaming, MS doesn't own that many PC devs.

MS has an access monopoly on PC gaming, which they seem to be funneling towards support of the 360.

williamkenny3166d ago

Microsoft can do whatever they want with pc gaming. Who knows, maybe they will unveil a special gaming OS designed to take up miniscule amounts of cache and hard drive space?!

Turn 10 Studios3166d ago

SONY...Duh coz it's japan

MS already won E3

but sure Sony will OWN TGS

CernaML3166d ago

I feel that Sony was the one who "won" E3.

KiRBY30003166d ago

In your dreams yes, MS won E3.

I cant wait for Natal's epic failure.

Bodyboarder_VGamer3166d ago

How MS won E3? If you care to explain? And with what...?

I did not murder him3166d ago

The general consensus and the report cards coming from media in gaming and out overwhelmingly awarded MSFT the win. lol

The floor poll done by a research company showed a MSFT win, only PS3 fanboys disagree.

Turn 10 Studios3166d ago


didn't know PS3 fanboys think Sony won E3

The-Warranty3166d ago

I didn't see any 360 exclusives win as much awards as Uncharted 2 did, you yeah Sony won. Sorry to break it to you.

GamerSciz3166d ago

Are "I did not murder him" and "Turn 10 studios" roommates? They seem to always agree with each other but its moreso that its so many quick responses to each other. It's like they are telling one another "dude i posted, back me up". I've heard ducks fly together, but I never knew fanboys did as well to this extent.

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gameseveryday3166d ago

@ Godmars290: i doubt PC gaming will be huge at TGS !

Godmars2903166d ago

That's not going to stop MS from talking up PC games coming to the 360 at TGS.

You'll probably even get some PC games canceled so they're 360 only. Like Alan Wake.