Microsoft doesn't have fans

It seems that Microsoft lacks a cult following or a cult of any kind for that matter. There is real no excitement around Windows products, Office or any of their other products except for the XBOX 360 which seems to have a rather devout following but all consoles do so that's nothing new.

Where are those that are willing to prop up Vista on a pedestal and say hey, look this is a great product or the guy who goes around saying nothing bad about Office 2007. These people do not exist and they never will for one very simple fact, Microsoft is a quasi-monopoly.

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kingofps34228d ago

"Microsoft doesn’t have fans" or do they?

Odion4228d ago

I am a fan of Windows but who the hell gets excited over freaking Office 2007?????

Vista needs some work

Rockstar4228d ago

Vista needs a lot of work.

gta_cb4227d ago

i am looking forward to a SP1 on vista, as everyone knows it needs help (work) but even though im not a personal fan of vista i like it and i am a fan of how MS has helped us over the years with Windows, although i am now about to install Linux on a second Hard Drive hehe (ubuntu 7.04)

Lyberator4228d ago

How the f*ck is this any kind of news. What the hell has happened to this site?

Numark4228d ago

I didn't want this to become approved for two reasons.

1) It is complete garbage and not true
2) Just going to get people angry and flame will occur

And as soon as i report it, it gets 5 quick approvals.

toughNAME4228d ago

theres extremely little competition for windows....
no excitement

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The story is too old to be commented.