Split/Second - ZTGD Preview

Cat writes: At PAX Disney Interactive provided gamers with the opportunity to play through a 360 demo of Split/Second. Lasting fifteen minutes or so my time was brief - but when there's a line of eager gamers behind you it's best to hit it and quit it. An arcade racer sharing plenty of commonality with Burnout, the daredevil Split/Second should still manage to carve out a niche for itself in 2010.

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GamerSciz3096d ago

This is showing the E3 09 trailer back from like May or June. Is this considered actually new? They did nothing more then write a summary about the old E3 trailer. Regardless, I think this is in pretty direct competition with Blur which was pushed back 2010. Both look like the new style of burnout in terms of arcade style games.

Cat3096d ago

I'm sorry you did not like it. I had the opportunity to play the game at PAX and thought our readers might want some hands-on impressions. Like my impressions of the handling, the ability to detect a course amidst fuselage, or that I think the game is like Burnout-meets-MarioKart.