EyePet - ZTGD Preview

Cat writes: The EyePet, the latest game to make use of the PlayStation Eye, is a virtual pet that puts the Tamigotchi days of digital pets to shame. Targeted to the younger set, there's no avoiding the draw of the little guy, even as an adult-shaped person. Sony's Alex Armour was kind enough to take EyePet through his paces in a 1-on-1 presentation at PAX. Prior to PAX, I had no doubt that in concept and polished trailer EyePet is very promising; what I came away from the hands-on experience with is the realization that everything EyePet promises, it delivers.

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LostDjinn3250d ago

Yet another thing my other half now has to have. I believe this is your way of punishing me for calling you short isn't it?!

Seriously though you covered pretty much all the bases with this article. Nice work.

CadDad3250d ago

I downloaded the trailer and both kids (11,6) were pretty excited....

I don't know if it will have enough content to keep them interested though. It's really cool tech and I'll prolly rent it just to check it out.


LostDjinn3250d ago

I don't have kids. Just a girlfriend who's new to HD consoles. You can bet your bottom lip Sony will update this every now and again to keep it reasonably fresh though.

Cat3249d ago

It's really a blast to play with.

@CadDad, depending on how much directed content they enjoy, you may be right. I can see my niece and nephews be busy for ages, though.

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clintagious6503250d ago

Well there u go folks, sony has proven again that eyepet is the first game of its kind showing the pseye is the first to bring out anything similar to milo & yet they passed this up like it was smoke & mirrors even though it was the only game out of this and milo that was open to the public for anyone to try, unlike milo behind clothes doors getting controlled by some1 lol. Eyepet is TRUE INNOVATION.

FwanK3250d ago

Yes... I do want a virtual Monchichi

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