Suikoden 6 rumored to be coming to TGS09

Suikoden fans will be happy to know that the Suikoden 6 may soon be a reality. Or at least, it may soon be an actual product as suggested by several recent clues including a US trademark. Clues that point to a new Suikoden possibly being announced at the TGS 2009 show. VGB suggests to keep an eye on Konami's show lineup.

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Delta3225d ago

Aww hell yea. If they do it better come to NA. I love this series.

rebirthofcaos3225d ago

I hope thats for ps3 and not portable -_-

Lucreto3225d ago

I hope it is true. I want a new Suikoden for PS3.

BlackIceJoe3225d ago

I so would love this to be true. The Suikoden series is a great one and there needs to be more like this game. So if there can be another game I am all for it. I just hope the new game if there is one will not just stay in Japan.

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