Project Natal Demoed On Japanese Morning Show

Morning news magazine Mezamashi TV got a pre-Tokyo Game Show look at Project Natal. Watch Fuji TV announcer Yoko Shono play a game of Ricochet with Kudo Tsunoda and try the controller free racing demo Microsoft brought to E3.

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FiftyFourPointTwo3252d ago

I bet the japanese fell asleep during the show.

TOO PAWNED3252d ago

nah they just changed the channel

S_Leonhart3251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )


El Botto3251d ago

like Ricochet and the original Burnout arcade racer.

LMAO! We have Uncharted 2, xbots. What do you have?

Answer: a ps eyetoy rip off.

Gabe EatsWell3251d ago

Is that girl in your avatar the one who demoed Project Failtal? :P

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dreamcast3252d ago

wow, look at the lag between her movements and her avatar's movements.

LOL @ 2:40

HAHAHA... look at her face @ 4:02. I think that sums up Natal nicely.

I'm sorry... I'm all for innovation in gaming, and I think MS has done a lot of innovation with the xbox & 360, but this is sh*t.

Keith Olbermann3252d ago

that looked terrible. It almost seemed like they were trying to cover up how bad it really was. I cant believe this is the future. Say it isnt so.

IrishRepublicanArmy3251d ago

1; rick roll music for the video would have been fitting as its a joke.
2; id say all ps3 gamers will approve this as it proves their point about how bad natal is!

Blaze9293251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

And you all think the consumers they are aiming Natal at with these demos care or yet alone really KNOW or hell, even noticed this "lag"? The 'casual' consumers they are aiming at could care less about any of that stuff and wonder, "hmm, maybe its supposed to do that plus it looks fun".

Anyway, that's Marketing for ya. Still got over a year till this thing releases and Microsoft is already hitting television worldwide marketing it.

It'd be nice to see something new already but Greenburg already let people know it would be the same tech demos that have been shown since E3.

Microsoft Xbox 3603251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

Looks kinda ridiculous. Nothing hardcore will come out of this.


After watching it again, you can clearly see lag between movements. Doesn't look any more innovative than the 2003 PS EyeToy if you ask me.

dolan3251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

How humiliating that this is what Microsoft has been reduced to in the console market. That was just embrassing to see.

I still remember back to the months before the Xbox launched and the talk of how Microsoft was just going to take over the console world.

I guess this is what happens when Microsoft can't or won't afford to release new console hardware after losing 7 billion dollars on the the two Xbox consoles.

Microsoft obviously can't compete with Sony on hardware and graphics. And Microsoft can't compete with Nintendo on the casual gaming side.

They end up halfway in the middle with something that just looks awful and unfun.

ProA0073251d ago

Careful...that kind of open-minded opinion isn't welcome on this site.

UNCyrus3251d ago

They driving controlled like crap! hahah It was funny though when she hit the wall in the driving part she said the following...


Translation - It hurts!! Actually... it doesn't hurt, but..."

She got immersed in it... despite it being really laggy, odd...

3251d ago
IdleLeeSiuLung3251d ago

All I saw was her excitement for the technology and how much fun she is having. This seems to echo what almost everyone else that has tried this on video. They are just baffled, excited and all together have a great time.

Of course the haters, that never tried it do the usual by HATING!

Imagine, girls in bikine jumping around like that. That in itself is a great way to entertain you and others!!!

lokiroo4203251d ago

You would think that they could at least have a demo that works properly, fail.

Christopher3251d ago

In the most simplistic of their games, there's at least a half second lag in her movements, later on when they're competing up to 1 second. I really hope they get this down a lot. The car demo was horrible. You could tell she's having tons of trouble with it as she keeps turning way to the left because it's not responding well enough.

Also, they're still having issues with the limbs. The hands in the ball game were getting kind of weird at times.

C'mon Microsoft, get this stuff worked out!

DelbertGrady3251d ago

Yeah cause the Wii was so succesful thanks to it's graphics power...

Something called affordance. What will make Natal extra attractive to the casual crowd is the fact that it doesn't need a controller to work.

v1c1ous3251d ago

and that it's for CASUAL games?

what? you dudes think you're going to be playing devil may cry on this or something?

dolan3251d ago

"C'mon Microsoft, get this stuff worked out!"

But what incentive does Microsoft have to come up with anything good?

There is almost nothing else to look forward to in 2010 for the 360 due to the outdated hardware and tiny Microsoft first party. So this is being hyped as the 'greatest thing ever' by hardcore Xbox fans and Xbox fans in the gaming media because its all there is to hype.

It's the same situation as Halo ODST. Microsoft had no incentive to come out with anything other than an overpriced expansion pack because they have hardcore Xbox fans and Xbox fans in the gaming media who will buy it and hand out joke 9/10 reviews respectively.

HolyOrangeCows3251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

This lags too much and I don't see much potential without unnatural control added (Controller), and even if you used the 360 controller, you would no longer have control of your arms.

"playstation shree-ga"

table3251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

what makes you think no controller will appeal to casuals? perhaps the casuals want a controller and think this high tech gimmick is too hardcore. It's a perfectly feasible outcome.

HolyOrangeCows3251d ago

Her virtual hands move let she has virtual arthritis.

dreamcast3251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

You really think "casual" gamers won't notice the lag and think it's cumbersome? I thought "casual games" were games anyone could play, not games that don't require any type of precision or timing. We're not talking about mentally handicapped people here. Could you imagine playing a multiplayer boxing game like wii sports has with that lag in it? The girl playing was visibly upset with how the car game controlled.

I thought MS said this was going to be applied to "core" games and revolutionize gaming yada yada. If this is overpriced like the wifi adapter and pretty much any other 360 peripheral, I doubt people will want it just to play dodgeball or any other "casual" game that isn't affected by lag.

"Her virtual hands move let she has virtual arthritis."

That looks much worse than arthritis... it looks like she has 20 different joints between her elbow and wrist.

EDIT: to those that disagreed, I'd love to hear some ideas of casual games that aren't affected by lag and don't need precision.

marinelife93251d ago

Uhh you guys go ahead and enjoy Natal. I'll pass. That lady's face had a look of frustration.

table3251d ago

you're right, that racing game looked absolute bull using Natal.

N4G king3251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

first of all
the fanboy that disagreed with me needs to take his fanboy glasses off
he tried to hit the ball like 3 times and he couldn't
he says
"simply and easy"
yet i see it lag
and when she drives it makes her look like a drunk driver
well i dont know and i dont wana know how fanboys are actually going to spin it and say that this is going to be great

but all i see in here is a FLOP

and why the hell my comment got deleted
all i said that it lags
and yes it DOSE lag

XXXRATED3251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

this is just a joke right? the only thing I can see this is good for is a quadriplegic who wants to play a video game.

Saaking3251d ago

They've been showing the SAME games and functionality for months now. And it lags HORRIBlY. Come on MS, do something. Show more games becuase at this stage, Natal is just like the Ps3 eye.

I did not murder him3251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

LOL fanboys are going to attack Natal like Halo? I guess when they sense a MSFT AAA selling a lot and pushing hardware they attack it to no end.

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djtek1843252d ago

The girl looked painfully frustrated and bored while trying to play the racing game.

DonCorneo3251d ago

oh, they were demoing natal.. did not even notice

Gabe EatsWell3251d ago

I've said this before and I'll say it again:

Project Failtal - a project that makes the game 'control' you instead of you controlling the game.

Microsoft Xbox 3603251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

I predict many gifs on Neogaf from that video. Especially with the guy in the white shirt. LOL