Diehard GameFAN: 30 Days of Dreamcast - Day 23: Seaman

Seaman is an incredibly interesting and unique game that has a certain experimental charm to it, and is worth checking out if you're the sort of person who likes looking at that sort of game, though someone looking for an actual game might come away disappointed. The concept is inventive and the game looks and sounds nice enough, and the whole gimmick of raising a talking fish with a human head, caring for it, feeding it and helping it evolve until it can return to the wild is interesting, and few games have ever really done this sort of thing before or since. This, however, is probably because Seaman isn't really so much of a game as it is an interactive pet, of sorts, meaning that it's not very involving or entertaining, which might put off people who play games to actually play games. Some odd technical issues or mechanically odd elements also make the experience more tedious than it should be, and you can safely complete the game once and never return to it again, which mars the replay value considerably. If you're looking to try out something unlike any game you've ever seen, Seaman is worth a look, but unless you're receptive to caring for a digital pet, it might be a short experience, at best.

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