Halo 3 ODST sells 2 million in 24 hours

Halo 3: OSDT launched yesterday, 22nd September 2009 in most major markets but Japan. Sales expectations for the title were mixed - on one hand it is a Halo title, but at the same time ODST has seen a fair amount of criticism for being charged at full price for what many believe is more of an expansion than a full game. With a critic review average of 8.7 and many reviewers commenting that ODST is indeed worthy of the price tag of a full game, did the sales live up to that of a Halo game?

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Mr_Bun3252d ago

A sucker is born every minute

morganfell3252d ago

I just want to thank everyone that bought this game for showing publishers they can now give us a recycled product with a mission pack and still stick us for the full price. Thanks.

frjoethesecond3252d ago

People are definitely morons. I'll be doing the smart thing and getting the expansion second hand.

El Botto3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

Xbots are morons.

They are xbots. That alone makes them suckers. If they werent suckers, they wouldnt have bought a RRO60 and people wouldnt have called them xbots.

I severely doubt game developers can pull the same BS on PS3 without people going overboard. True, you can find suckers everywhere. But PS3 crowd are by definition smarter than bots. Proof is in the consoles they own.

PS3 owners: PS3
Xbots: RRO60

The good news is that Halo is no longer a systemseller. Its just DLC thats being bought by the same stupid xbots who already own Halo 3.

Underwhelming 3 DLC is not going to move any consoles.

Alcon Caper3252d ago

it's 85 on meta right now.

90 and above with ign, gamespot, game informer, edge, and 1up. Sells 2 million in 24 hrs.

...and it's a flop?


PS3 Eternal 3rd3252d ago

"it's 85 on meta right now.

90 and above with ign, gamespot, game informer, edge, and 1up. Sells 2 million in 24 hrs.

...and it's a flop?"

Nope. And we all know its not. They are just throwing another last place hissy fit!


Kill Crow3252d ago

No one buys games for the Poo Station .....

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3252d ago many extra xBox 360 consoles it sold??? Er NONE!!! ;-D

+ Hmm...

console_gaming_fan3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

all those people that bought a ps3 for 600 bucks we're suckers. hell, within what, a year, they we're 400 dollars with GAMES to play. sad that those that bought the console at launch had only resistance to play for what the first YEAR?

i will never buy a CONSOLE for 600 bucks PERIOD. especially launch units, since those are the most prone to failure. sony suckered quite a few of you, then made you sit back and WAIT for something to play on the damn thing.

no wonder sony wants a "10 year console" hell they wasted the first 2 years of the ps3's life.

edit- wait a minute, i see a lot of desperate droids in here trying to down play this news as usual, thought you guys didn't play teh sells????? oh wait you guys do play the sells until it is news about a ps3 game flopping sells wise, then it's but but teh reviews...example- killzone 2

good god you people flip flop too damn much

DonCorneo3252d ago

it grossed $924.3 million worldwide, making it the highest-grossing Star Wars film

had largest single-day gross with more than $28 million in the opening day (which was surpassed later by other movies)

and it was overhyped, too long and not as good as it's predecessors.. it also had jar jar binks.. same with halo 3.. HYPE sells, but the buyers will soon be disappointed and unsatisfied.

Mr_Bun3252d ago

Morgan said it best....all these people who are supporting the little content you are getting, are setting a trend.

If you look up my gamertag, you will see that Halo 3 is one of my recently played games, but I am not willing to pay 60$ for 3 maps and a sidequest.

Alcon Caper3252d ago

DonCorneo - The only difference is that metacritic, a website that takes the averages of all reputable reviews, gave Episode 1 a 52%, while Meta game ODST an average of 85%.

So your analogy is just plain awful.

ReviewsArePolitics3252d ago

"DonCorneo - The only difference is that metacritic, a website that takes the averages of all reputable reviews, gave Episode 1 a 52%, while Meta game ODST an average of 85%.

So your analogy is just plain awful. "

LOL at someone that thinks reviewers were honest. The only reason why Star Wars got a 52% in Metacritic is because nobody listens to movie critics. And sadly, people are still listening to game critics as if they were somehow better, but they're simply paid lobbyists.

Take your head out of your ass.

Alcon Caper3251d ago

Your comment makes no sense. Star Wars Episode I got 52% because it was a piece of trash that no one liked, especially the major movie critics.

ODST is heavily liked by all the major reputable reviewers.

You forget one thing. Professional reviewers are paid to give an honest opinion. That's what they make a living on. They need to bring in a paycheck to feed their children and make their car payments.

The reason why they are reputable is because they have a solid history of providing a valuable perspective in so many words. To think that they SUDDENLY are being paid off for positive reviews is ridiculous because it goes against a code of ethics that permeates every company that seeks to impress upon people an informed opinion.

In other words, these reviewers have much more at stake with their careers then an N4G commentator.

But you're probably a little kid that gets mommy and daddy to buy your games for you, huh?

AngryTypingGuy3251d ago

A sucker is someone who pays $600 for a gaming console only to see it reduced in price a few months later.

leyego3251d ago

oo and lets not forget about the ppl who bought a 360 after ms droped the price $100 then droped it again.

AngryTypingGuy3251d ago

Why would the people who bought it AFTER they dropped the price be suckers?

Anyway, you're missing the point. Sony started at $600, cheated the die hards out of money and then dropped the price a very short time later because of slow sales.

PS3Freak3251d ago

That will be the next headline, in about a week, when they have finished with all that the game had to offer(not much).

TheOutsider3251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

..AND IT FLOPPED!! You Moron Bots know what ODST stands for right? To Bungie and Micosoft it means; Halo 3 ODST(Our Dollar Spending Title))! And you fools get PLAYED AGAIN!! HA HA HA JUMP OUT AND PLAY BEYOND YOU F*CKS!! Confirmed by Bungie employee! HA HA HA!

tawak3251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

"A sucker is someone who pays" and keep buying a console which is always broken,like buying it for the 2nd,3rd 4th.. i even heard a guy buying on his 8th time?! thats a bigtime sucker

PROFIT3251d ago

thats still high

im serious

Kleptic3251d ago

yeah whatever people...I hate halo...but I am not going to act like its not a fawking beast of a franchise...

impressive numbers no matter what way you spin it...

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sonarus3252d ago

Expect it to sell more. Regardless of what you call it Halo is still Halo and it will sell like crack.

Halo and COD6 will carry the bulk of 360 sales this yr

gamesR4fun3252d ago

I jus hope all those peeps that got it arnt has disappointed as i am and i only rented it...

3252d ago
mastiffchild3252d ago

IDK if ANYONE on N4G thought it would sell anything less than a stellar amount of copies did they? Even the biggest Halo hating PS3 fanboy would know a Halo FPS game on 360 is going to sell like crazy, wouldn't they?

I'm not so sure that at $60 the content is that good value myself but most Halo fans are going to find out for themselves as they'll all , rightly, say the franchise has never let them down. Allied to this is the fact that there really hasn't been a great deal to play exclusively on the 360 of late and you've ensured a massive seller.

Also, even if the game had been awful(whichit clearly isn't)it would probably be the Halo after it that would suffer because of it, no? Halo hasn't had a real duffer in the series and as people know this they'll trust Bungie to produce again until they personally have bought one that disappoints(which, for me, is why I didn't preorder ODST having felt a little let down by the SP on Halo3). Most people still loved Halo3, however, which for me at least meant that ODST was always safe in sales terms-if it sucked really bad it would effect Reach sales perhaps but not it's own initial sales.

I doubt it will reach the amount H3 sold but it'll end up at 5million plus with no problems. If people don't find it great value, though, it might mean Reach sells more slowly-but even then I doubt it as that will have the full power of MS ad dept behind it!

I don't believe we're being asked to be surprised a Halo FPS has sold well on 360! With a universally loved back catalog why wouldn't this one do well too? Remember, those of us that read the game press are a tiny minority and most people just buy games n their names and their past experiences with the franchise-which is why new IP find life so hard these days at times-it's a kmown name and TV ad campaigns that sell games rather than what LoT or even IGN might say.

I'm just very surprised that anyone actually thought a "controversy" that 90% of Halo fans won't even know, much less care, about might effect the sales of ODST by a great amount, I really am.

3252d ago
iChaos Amongus3252d ago

I've got a feeling this is going to upset Sony fanboys and they're going to feel the need to complain and repeat their opinions over, and over, about how these 2 million people are morons that really just don't have good judgement and didnt know what they were doing.

3252d ago
MNicholas3252d ago

No other developer can get away with what Microsoft has pulled off with ODST. Superb.

Blaze9293252d ago

Heh, maybe I missed it but...what hype? I really didnt see the internet going crazy for this game up till release.

JsonHenry3252d ago

I would take a sledge hammer to my PS3 if it meant saving my 360. However, I think Halo is on of the most over hype pieces of mediocrity ever made.

There, I just pissed everyone on this site off.

Perjoss3252d ago

"surpised? nah. this is the only high profile game thats come out for the xbox in a while. starving xbots need something to past the time till alan wake. LOL"

like most PS3 fans, you seem to be living on planet exclusive. Dont forget about all the fantastic multiplatform titles that are released all year round, they usually look better on 360 too, just saying.

StanLee3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

Same. Love my XBox 360. Don't get the hype or hate over Halo.

@ below

You know, I don't think gamers care about exclusives. Great games are great games. I think the only ones who care about exclusives are PS3 fanboys online because even at retail PS3 exclusives underwhelm. Regardless about what you think about the XBox 360 or it's exclusives, the gamers speak volumes by purchasing software. XBox 360 games are consistently some of the best selling games outsold only by Wii software. So while fanboys complain, they don't buy games because Killzone 2, LittleBigPlanet, Resistance 2, Uncharted, Infamous could all have the same successes if anybody but fanboys cared as enthusiastically.

el_bandito3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

To be honest though...these are the same 2 million people who have patiently waited for a good exclusive to come out on their platform this year. At least now they could have something to talk about...

leeger3252d ago

i'll actually be more surprise if it sells less than a million on launch day. I think ODST will sell more than 5million. I woudn't be surprise if we see another halo 3 spinoff next year besides Reach.

Microsoft Xbox 3603252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

This will open doors to more ODST-like packaging. Say goodbye to decently priced DLC.

iANONYMOUS3252d ago

Simple question, how come games that looks great as KZ2 sold only 2million?

ShabzS3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

hopefully they use most of that money for development of reach and not on booze and parties ... but really odst's release was very silent this time around ...

Doctor_Doom3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

I guess all the bad scores and random blog reviews that were written by PS fanboys went down the drain with no effect in sales.

better luck next time lol

Boody-Bandit3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

You seem happy about this. If I am being totally honest I am concerned about it. MS is showing the industry something alright (just like many other publishers and devs already have) but I'm not sure it's a good thing.

This generation is all about milking every last cent imaginable out of us gamers (add ons and DLC) and bumping this game up an additional $20 or so dollars at E3 ensured me that draining us dry is here to stay. The sales of ODST, which I knew were going to be insane, just dotted the I's and Crossed the T's.

I can't be the only one that thinks DLC, expansion packs and add on pricing is starting to get out of control. Horse armor, buy costumes already on the disc, paying full price for an expansion pack?

The only DLC that comes to mind that was worth the price, I'm sure you guys could point out others and also many of you think ODST is worth full price, is GTA IV Lost & Damned.

I just can't help but picture people "like" Bobby Kotick laughing their asses off in their offices at the lengths ($, standing in line, preordering, etc) gamers are willing to go to get their favorite games and all the additional content they can get their hands on.

leeger3252d ago

Simple question as well. How game crap games such as Wii fit and Wii Play sell more than 20M?

3252d ago
Anon19743252d ago

Go Halo! The reviews all sound great, and I will play this but I'm personally holding back a bit to pick it up used, or maybe renting it later. I'm only interested in the single player, and I'm not paying full price for 5 hours of play.

4Sh0w3252d ago

For those who think ODST is selling because of the lack of other quality games, you are wrong.

Halo3 continued to sell well 2 yrs later even with plenty of great games already available and even more that came after it.

How do you explain the large amounts of people playing it 2 yrs later if its just the name/hype?

You guys just don't understand Halo is WHY 50-60% brought their 360's, they love Halo.

I'm more interested in Forza3 this year, it will be 360's best game overall but it won't sell like Halo, its a racer and its not the main reason a lot of gamers went out and got a 360 on launch day, and even on the day Halo3 was released in 2007, hell Uncharted2 could have been released on 360 the day before ODST and ODST would have still sold 2mil out the gate.

leeger3252d ago

I wonder if you had the same reaction when the hate towards Sony and the PS3 were at its peak.

jib3252d ago

not worth 60$ IMO but my bro bought it. the firefight with 4players is REALLY FUN. kinda like horde on GOW2

The Master Chief3252d ago

PS3 at its peak? O.o Dude, I don't care about PS3. At all, whatsoever. I come here to see whats coming for 360, and feel like I cant even say anything because PS3 fanboys are crying 24/7.

iANONYMOUS3252d ago

"All the guys over 5 bubbles either suck up to Sony or say neutral comments out of fear." PimpDaddy

And darkride66 are the one of the most hypocrites of them all..
Hello There!

Turn 10 Studios3252d ago

Why PS3 fanboys hate halo

just coz you are in Last place !!!

Why the hate ?

leeger3252d ago

HATE for the PS3.
During the 1st year of the PS3, there's a lot of 360 fanboys here saying how the PS3 will fail/is doomed, how games like uncharted, HS., etc were terrible games and big flop. Did you made a comment about those 360 fanboys???
most of the time people who whine about fanboys are fanboys themselves who are no better than the fanboys they are whining about.

darthv723252d ago

it sold because it has the name halo on it or possibly it really is a good game. Like going to a restaurant. You know the name but have not tried anything else on the menu because you seem to like the same thing every time you go. Nothing really wrong with that but you should actually try something new once in a while. Could be good or bad but you wont know till you try it.

Turns out odst is a really good game. Those affraid to order a different meal will forever be stuck in the same ol same ol. I am glad I ordered this one because it is very different in many ways. I especially like the crossed storylines of the various characters. A nice noir feel to it. I think MS should have dropped the "3" from the name and just left it halo: odst because it is far from being anything related to the events of #3. Maybe they kept it because of the bonus disc with the H3 maps.

It is challenging without being overly difficult to get back on track. Especially when you run out of ammo and have to rely more on the covenant weapons. No radar, regenerating shields and no backup. You have to unlearn what you have learned and that is a fresh twist on this game.

It is definately a game for the fans of the story. Those who complain seem to be ones with no real interest in the series what so ever. Go away haters and let the gamers have their fun.

beans3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

"I wonder if you had the same reaction when the hate towards Sony and the PS3 were at its peak."

360 fans could care less about anything PS3 all together. If i remember correcly it was PS3 fanboys claiming it was 4 times as powerful as 360 and games like lair were not possible on 360. You guys have been whining since the dreamcast era which is pretty pathetic. This site is just infested with silly Sony fanboys bringing up PS3 every chance they get in hopes of it not being forgotten. Let Sony advertise PS3 not U and then watch what happens as nobody talks about PS3.

edit leeger below: Exactly your getting my drift. See it wasn't that hard to understand no was it. We don't whine about anything going on PS3. Enjoy your games but seriously don't think for 1 sec we envy anything PS3.

leeger3252d ago

of course beans, 360 doesn't care about the PS3, of course. 360 fans are the best they never whine, they never troll, they never brag.

Montrealien3252d ago

Am I the only one thats curious about the agrees and disagrees that shadow flare has? Why does he have so many when every one els has 12 max?

This place is messed up.

anyways, it is a solid hooter, I would give it an 8.5 cause to me, an 8.5 it still really really good, just not much new is brought to the table. 9s and 10s are thrown around way to much these days.

PtRoLLFacE3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

even if halo comes out in the same day as gears of war or call of duty game it will still sell millions lol, that's the power of halo, next year we got halo reach and gess what, all the heavy AAA titles, like mass effec, alan wake, spliter cell, crackdown, fable 3 are coming the same year and i bet halo reach will out sell all them combined in the first day lol

evrfighter3252d ago

"Go Halo! The reviews all sound great, and I will play this but I'm personally holding back a bit to pick it up used, or maybe renting it later. I'm only interested in the single player, and I'm not paying full price for 5 hours of play."

Your stealth troll attempt reeks of bitterness. Normally they are more well worded. But you must be in a terrible emotional state right now


RememberThe3573251d ago

We all know it, whether or not it's a great game, really doesn't matter.

But what it wrong with that? It seems like a decent game, so whats the problem? Are you guys mad because better games don't sell as well? Well, tough luck. MS figured out how to sell the crap out of Halo. This is their reward.

To all the Sony lovers, like myself, who wanted to see PS3 exclusives do these kinds of numbers: Sony is the reason why these their games don't sell, and we're the reason why these games don't sell.

Sony some how forgot how to advertise and we all some how forgot where the game store was. No matter what you say about 360 fanboys, at least they buy their exclusives.

3251d ago
ukilnme3251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

@ lovestruck06

You and your fellow droids are obviously butt hurt over the success of what you idiots claim to be a mediocre franchise. Get over it, your lame comments won't change a thing but I guess they may help you guys and gals sleep at night.

Bereaver3251d ago

People need to stop talking about fanboy hate with ODST.

A lot of sony fanboys love ODST, but they hate the way that MS is charging full price for it. (except amazon)

Everyone who bought it at full price, are paying for the free repairs.
Simple as that.

The people that hate halo, aren't hating halo because it's on 360. They are hating it because it's just not their style.

pixelsword3251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

Nah, just 11 people so far... :)

And who didn't expect this game not to hit a million in a week? But two million in a *day?* LOL Wow!

Say what you will, you can't buy that kind popularity.


rubarb233251d ago

so how much did killzone 2 sell again? yeah that was a halo killer alright. lets see any of flopstation's cripple A titles sell more than this.
Oh and for all sony turd nuggets out there who say 'i don't play sales i play games', seriously, STFU!
what do you think 2 million people who purchased this game are doing? playing the crap out of it. And that goes for all games that sell crazy like on the 360.
God, it must hurt to know that this 'dlc expansion pack' will sell more than anything alone on the ps3.

Anon19743251d ago

I love Halo. I have many games to play. I don't play on XBL. I don't want to pay full price for a title with a short campaign considering I won't play it online. End of story.

You want to explain to me again how that's "trolling" and not just a 360 owner speaking his mind on the issue of Halo?

If you think that's trolling, you need to get out more. Maybe interact with some real people in the real world. There's all sorts of opinions out there just as valid as yours. Please, get some exposure to them.

FACTUAL evidence3251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

woops wrong page lmao!!!

vhero3251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

Weird thing is though I don't know anybody on my friends list who bought it. I mean for 2 million at least 1 of them would have bought it I have a full friends list.. Either way this is selling on name as most the people who bought this probably didn't even read a single review or just read paper magazines.

vhero3251d ago

Wii play is better than ODST and Halo 3 as its doubled Halo 3 sales and I doubt ODST will ever match its 24 million sales. I mean going by your retarded fanboy theory's than Wii play is the greatest game ever made selling over 24 million copies. So yeah Wii play is better than Halo 3 because it sold more right because sales prove which game is better?? Or are you gonna FINALLY admit that sales prove nothing?

jessupj3251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

All the above xbox fanboys complaining about PS3 fanboys, are pissing me off and I have no idea how you have so many agrees when this site is apparently "infected" and "plagued" with rabid ps3 fanboys. I haven't seen a single arrogant ps3 fanboy post yet, but your still frothing at the mouths claiming how rabid we are when I haven't even seem one enter this discussion. And you say PS3 fanboys are worse....

Thugbot1873251d ago

Too busy playing to really add anything other than good story so far.

Saigon3251d ago

This is only true because MS reports shipped numbers...

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FiftyFourPointTwo3252d ago

Still doesnt change the fact that its a flop reviewwise.