Double Fine working on 'secret stuff'

Brutal Legend developer Double Fine Productions is working on "secret stuff", head honcho Tim Schafer has revealed.

Speaking in an interview with, the legendary Monkey Island developer said that different teams within Double Fine "are starting to formulate what they'll be working on next".

With Brutal Legend, the heavy metal inspired action adventure starring Jack Black, out on 360 and PS3 on October 16, it's no surprise to discover Double Fine has already begun planning its next release.

Those crossing their fingers for a sequel to Psychonauts, Double Fine's critically acclaimed but commercially unsuccessful adventure, may be disappointed.

Schafer said that while he would "love" to make Psychonauts 2, gamers and the industry as a whole are better off with brand new games.

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blizzard_cool3222d ago

If it's Psychonauts 2 I'll shat my pants =D!!!
Seriously I love that game.