Nintendo to opt for dual Wii SD and HD strategy

Analyst: Wii's shelf life set to be Mario factory's longest yet...

Nintendo is set to announce a US price cut this week, to coincide with the Tokyo Game Show, though no word as yet on any plans to cut the price in the UK and Europe.

"Although a price cut is expected in the short term for the Wii, there will likely remain considerable scope for additional price cuts which will help extend the shelf life of the console well beyond what Nintendo has historically achieved with its TV consoles," opines games industry analyst Nick Gibson from Games Investor Consulting.

"This price cutting potential [of Wii] will likely be realised over at least three years and quite possibly longer obviating the need for an early introduction of a new console," says Gibson.

"However, Nintendo may elect to move to a dual product strategy with overlapping TV consoles (as Sony does) targeting different demographic and geographic markets. If it does go down that route then 2011 would appear a reasonable target for a new platform launch."

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zoydwheeler3223d ago

And then all the Brit hacks can write HILARIOUS stories about how Number Two also means Poo etc.

TheBand1t3223d ago HD Wii...

I'd buy that.

Microsoft Xbox 3603223d ago

It takes more than resolution to make a game HD quality.

darthv723223d ago

the ati chip in the wii is capable of hd resolutions. Why nintendo keeps it restricted is their choice. I am sure it can be unlocked via fw update.

Perhaps there isnt enough video bandwidth to really make the games hd but it could be used for video playback.

Ju3223d ago

The Wii might output geometry in HD (at least 720p), but I am sure bandwidth is not enough to give it higher texture resolution or mimic shader effects in that resolution.

I WiiHD and a WiiSD could make sense. As long as both can run the same game - of some sort. If they want to use the HD potential in a new console, though, it'll need to support more sophisticated render technology, first and foremost shaders. That will never run backward compatible on the SD console. I could imagine, though, a HD console can possibly run current Wii games with a higher (geometry) resolution (and some better filters/AA).

Nintendo could allow/enforce two render backends to run HD games on SD and thus make them downwards compatible. I also think, a HD console will be in the PS3/360 price range, while the SD box (current Wii) will drop down below $200 at some point (I mean closer to $149).

Anyway, Nintendo has to go this route if they want to stay ahead or competitive (not necessarily in that technical scope, but going a new HD console and possibly covering the low end price segment with the current box). I think they know that.

Sarcasm3223d ago

Why does that analyst keep saying TV consoles?

Sounds weird to me lol

dredgewalker3223d ago

Great, now i can see Pokemon in HD......

Samus HD3223d ago

if wii goes HD than ps3 and 360 will have no chance to sell

wollie3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

you know some people like sony and micro exclusive games. I'm sure they would still sell... or are you implying that some kind of mind control device is to be implemented in the new Wii HD which would force consumers to buy only the Wii HD? interesting.

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The story is too old to be commented.