IGN: TGS 09: Battlefield Bad Company 2 Hands-On

It's safe to say that when you mention military FPS games, Call of Duty is that the forefront of everyone's mind. With that being said, EA has been at this shooter business for quite a while, and developer DICE is known around the world for the amazingly popular Battlefield series. Those that jumped into 1943 on XBLA got a brief taste of what was in store for Bad Company 2, as more destruction, a stronger core online engine, and more customization is in store for the game's second go.

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GAMExxOVER3250d ago

Will they be using the crappy squad system they used in the first bad company? If so I will not be picking this game up, if the squad system is gone, and you can talk to your whole team I will pick it up. The squad system is a deciding factor for me.

ll_UNDERSCORE_ll3250d ago

True the squad system was garbage on BF:bc compaired to the other previous titles on PC. The game in general seemed rushed (EA title go figure) and could have been alot better if they just supported BF:bc with patches. Since this was the first BF title on console that I played, I wasn't expecting much to begin with. One thing I was really impressed with was DICE developing a great destructable environment which brings a whole different tactic in shooters. Shooting trough walls just seems basic in shooters. This time around the standards are much higher and DICE hopefully delivers.