IGN: TGS 09: Tsumuji Preview - EA's Zelda

At its Tokyo Showcase today Electronic Arts unveiled a new Nintendo DS adventure designed to intrigue the Japanese audience -- although its resemblance to a certain other action adventure game will no doubt appeal to gamers everywhere. Tsumuji is a new game for EA that looks and plays very similarly to The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. You control a young hero from a top down perspective, using the stylus for all movement. Just point where you want the hero to go and he'll hurry to that spot. There are also platforming sections where you may have to skip across a river on stones or leap through tree branches.

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SpoonyRedMage3219d ago

Hmm, I'm now intrigued by this. With Spirit Tracks, Okamiden and this coming DS owners are okay for Action/Adventure titles.