Two browser-based MMOs to launch in Europe

Chinese developer Suzhou Snail Electronic Co. today announced that two of its games are to launch in Europe. The developer of strategy game Castle of Heroes, alongside another yet to be announced title, will be released by Gala Networks Europe, a leading free-to-play online games publisher. While details of the second game are still forthcoming, it's been confirmed that Castle of Heroes will be available later this year in English, French, German and Polish versions on the games portal.

Castle of Heroes is a free-to-play, browser-based strategy game, in which players choose from four different races and build up their kingdom in a fantasy world. Combining action, tactics and role-playing, the game purports to offer plenty of entertainment for players of all levels.

The second project, currently codenamed Project 9, is set to release in 2010. The details so far are slim, but we do know it's a client-based MMORPG set in ancient China. It promises an "ultra-dynamic combat system" based on martial arts, as well as a vibrant, high-quality 3D world to explore.

"Snail Game is very happy to establish a partnership with Gala Networks Europe, one of Europe's leading online game publishers," said Yixi He, Vice President of Suzhou Snail Electronics Co. "We will bring the best game titles and offer the best service for the European players to enjoy."

Castle of Heroes screenshot at source.

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